Na`Vi.LoL starting new season of APL vs


After a short break, image Na`Vi.LoL is back in action. This time it is Absolute Legends Pro League and we are facing image Luna gaming. Stream starts at 19:00 CET! Tune in and support image Na`Vi!


[Update] image Na`Vi wins with a great comeback!


Group stage matches are played in a Best-of-One format. 



SAND's stream




Official stream




  • image Na`Vi.LoL: CitizenWayne, Antogyn, SAND, Kottenx, nesrilaS
  • image Luna Gaming: RHadox, frogurt, ImbaaaSheep, Phar, foo sharp


Group A

  • image Moscow 5
  • image Counter Logic Gaming
  • image mTw
  • image Low Land Lions


Group B

  • image against All authority
  • image Meet Your Makers
  • image Western Wolves
  • image WinFakt


Group C

  • image Absolute Legends
  • image TCM-Gaming
  • image Natus Vincere
  • image Luna Gaming


Group D

  • image Sypher
  • image exHCL Gaming
  • image Team Derpers
  • image TeamLess   





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image  $500 + ?15 of Riot Points per player
image  ?10 of Riot Points per player

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