Na`Vi.LoL vs TRI in Corsair Vengeance cu


Tonight at 18:00 (CET) our League of Legends team will play their first round in the lower bracket of Corsair Vengeance Cup. Their first opponent is Italian team image TRI (TeamRedbyteItalia). Many of you might not know them, but they have been together for quite some time and are consistently appearing in online events. After our team beat image Sypher 2:0 yesterday, we will be looking forward to seeing their performance tonight in yet another Best-Of-Three series. Tune in and support our LoL team!


[Update] - Due to connection issues (high ping and disconnects), games have been postponed. Rest of the series will be played in the upcoming days. image TRI is up 1:0. 





English stream



Tournament Tree





1st place: $6000


2nd place: $3000


3rd place: $1000

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