Na`Vi.LoL welcomes Markus 'Kottenx' Ting

imageAfter an amazing weekend for our League of Legends team, we have some news to share with you fans. Before the Solomid tournament our jungle player image Alvar 'Araneae' Martin decided to quit his long and successful career as a pro gamer. In the Solomid tournament we were already playing with our newest and youngest addition to the team image Markus 'Kottenx' Tingvall, and it worked out exceptionally well for us. We would like to thank Araneae for everything he brought to the team and for his great professionalism and wish him all the best in the future. On the same note, we would like to warmly welcome a youngster from Sweden Markus 'Kottenx' Tingvall!








image Alvar 'Araneae' Martin's statement about leaving the team and his future in eSports:


"I would like to thank Na`Vi for all what  they did for us/me on period, but now is my time to stop playing competitively League of Legends. The reason are just personal and family problems, that I wont be playing as much as I need to play on this level. I will be still here for if they need me anytime, and I hope my old mates with Kottenx the best of their lucks, and to keep conquering Europe. Na`Vi Top 1!"



Team captain image Victor 'Citizen' Toll also gave us his statement about the roster change:


"With Araneae leaving the copmpetetive scene i have to say goodbye, not only to a very experienced and talented player, but also to a good friend of mine. 


I wish you all the best for your future goals in esports and i hope we will meet again at some point in the near future, maybe for a soju or two :) .


Even though i am obviously sad about a good friend leaving the team, the potential of our team has risen to the infinite, since we got the best addition to the  team we could have possibly asked for. With only having practiced for 2 days with our new jungler, we managed to secure overwhelming victories against some of the most accomplished teams in League of Legends and rushed through the TSM Invitational Tournament securing the 1st. place, as well as advancing to the deciding match in the Reign of Gaming Qualifier.


Everybody welcome Kottenx who even exceeded the highest expectations anybody could have had! In my whole career in esports i was never this excited about our opportunities and never have i been more impatient about the training finally to start :D. Thank you guys for supporting us and the awesome organisation that Natus Vincere is, Thanks to our sponsors who make all of this possible!"



image Markus 'Kottenx' Tingvell's thoughts and feelings about joining Natus Vincere:


"After a great weekend with Na`Vi I got the offer to join. It was an offer I couldn’t deny and I’m very happy to join one of the best team and a respected organization. I really like the guys in Na`Vi and I think we will have a great future in the world of esport."



New team's manager image Luka 'lukz N' Druks shared a few thoughts as well:


"When Alvar told us that he is having some personal issues, we asked Markus to sub in for us in a few tournament matches and it worked out great. So it was no surprise, that we asked Markus to join Na`Vi, after Alvar decided to stop his career as a pro gamer.  It is amazing how well team performed over the weekend, considering that they have not had much time to practice together.   We are eager to see team's performance in the future, after they get some time to practice, but the Solomid tournament proved that we are on the right path. I would also like to thank Alvar for being an exceptional person and a true proffesionalist during his time in Natus Vincere. I wish him all the best!"




New image Natus Vincere League of Legends roster:


  • image Luka 'lukz N' Druks - Manager
  • image Victor 'Citizen' Toll - AP Carry
  • image Anthony 'Antogyn' Giniers - AD Carry
  • image Markus 'Kottenx' Tingvall - Jungler
  • image Rasmus Z?low 'nesrilaS' Pedersen - Solotop
  • image Philipp 'SAND' Bennek - Support



You can ask  Kottenx and other team members questions HERE.

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#1 8 July 2012, 09:03
. Before I get into that, Ie2€™d just like to point out Clevers assessment on TPTB is colteeplmy inaccurate.The Lost Experience e2€“ I think it was just a way to keep everyone interested. I done2€™t think it has anything to do with the current (or future) story line of LOST. What it DID do, like the numerous easter eggs found on LOST, was give an underlying/background explanation of certain aspects of LOST, like the numbers and who the Hanso Foundation might be and their relationship with the Dharma initiative. While I feel that some of this could have been explained on the show, it may not be where they are going with this thus their decision to not include it w/in the show. Juliete2€™s assertion that Dharma (and perhaps Hanso) was a long time ago, leads me to believe this. Still, I think that the resulting film/end game could have easily shown up to be viewed by our LOSTIES and thus given the audience an e2€œOMG they DO need to save the worlde2€9d, as well as at least give closure to the numbers. TPTB have said on record (though I am finding they go back on their word sometimes) that they probably will never explain what the numbers mean (yet they put them practically everywhere) and I think that is a disservice to the audience who have been frothing at the mouth for that nugget of information. Other e2€œBIGe2€9d mysteries like The Black Rock, The Wire that went into the Ocean, 4-Toed Statue, who is Henry Gale, I fear may never get answered.Stupid Producers e2€“ Gosh, where do I start with this one. Um the Producers, Writers, etc aka TPTB are some of the smartest/creative people in TV right now. The writing, dialogue, and filming are top notch IMO. They care deeply about the show and I feel are trying to do their very best to get out the best show that they possibly can. The fact that there is so much symbolism and reference, shows the amount of detail they spend on the show. There maybe a misstep here and there i.e. the intro of Paulo and Niki, but for the most part it is very compelling. I do think that ABC is forcing TPTB to tinker unwisely with the show. I think the move to less mythology and more action and romance was not a good one. The core audience doesne2€™t care about that, and I for one was applauding the show that it was devoid of romance. This was a move to stop the audience from bleeding off. That said, I too wish that the characters would be shown to interact more. I think it is understood that they might (I think a lot of things are meant to e2€œunderstoode2€9d though they are not being shown), but it is deemed perhaps too dull. I think the silence between the characters has created this stigma of e2€œwhy done2€™t they say what happened to the rest of the Lostiese2€9d. We know that they must talk, but to show it every now and then (esp the BIG stuff like Sun shooting one of the others and the taking of the boat, heck even e2€œHey theree2€™s a 4-toed statue out there tooe2€9d) would be good.Characters e2€“ This is a tough one, because everyone has a different opinion and favorite character. Where as I liked hatch Locke and felt it was a natural progression for this character (even he got frustrated pushing the button he thought was important) though many did not. I do think there are too many characters right now. It is not only hard to show our old favorites with any meaning, but new ones are being introduced very hastily. Not only that but there have been very few episodes this Season that have featured all or most of the characters in one episode. Thus wee2€™ve had some very siloed episodes featuring very few of the characters. Personally, I done2€™t think any of the characters are bad and I disagree with Clevere2€™s assessment that we liked the characters more when we didne2€™t know about them. I do agree with his assessment regarding some of the flashbacks especially when it adds nothing new to the character nor the story at hand. Seriously, we DO NOT NEED another Kate flashback. I am even skeptical regarding this week with Jacke2€™s as this makes his 6th or 7th (though this next one looks to get past the Father/Ex Wife plote2€a6I suppose they e2€œlet it goe2€9d LOL). I am just saying that if the FB offers nothing new, concentrate on another character or heree2€™s a novel thoughte2€a6Done2€™t do a flashback. Flashback mechanisms are normally used in TV to show something significant or as a point of reference the audience needs. LOST uses it differently. In the beginning it was novel, now it takes up screen time. By now, we ought to have at least seen a FB with Ben, Rousseau, Paulo/Niki and maybe Alex or Tom. I understand that Libbye2€™s death was to underscore Anae2€™s and to make the audience caree2€a6but talk about a wasted opportunity. She not only didne2€™t get a FB, but it appears we wone2€™t see her this season at all (not to mention the inevitable e2€œWhat was the point of the tail section folks if you killed them alle2€9d Many fans felt cheated by following a story line in which all the characters end up dead). I wone2€™t even mention how much screen time Jack/Kate/Sawyer received in the first 6 episodes on top of their own flashbacks that really offered nothing new.Plot Holee2€™s Again unnecessary bashing of TPTB. And this is not really about Plot Holes either, but lack of answers. I agree we get answers all the time. I also think those answers are given very vaguely and are left to interpretation. The only time TPTB come out to clear anything up, is when the majority of the audience is not sure what exactly happened and are starting to speculate in the wrong way i.e.Jaee2€™s suicide. I am not saying they need to dumb it up, but they need to simplify it moree2€a6make the answer more obvious. Desmonde2€™s episode is a perfect example. I am sure TPTB think they provided an answer, yeah if you have knowledge of Quantum Physics, or do hunting on the internet as to what it might mean. Ie2€™m willing to bet a majority of people have no idea there is a time/space thing going on, because it was in the Easter eggs from the Juliete2€™s episode. In terms of actual plot holes, I think there simply isne2€™t enough time in an hour to come back to some of the things theye2€™d like to. Again, I refer to my theory of no-flashback episodes, so that they CAN get back to the Black Rock, can Explore Rousseau moree2€a6etc. It isne2€™t going to happen, but it may be a way to get back to the cool things we have seen on LOST. Does anyone think we will ever see the 4-toed statue again?Us vs Them Not sure what Clever is getting at here. The only reason I think LOST has lost viewers is because it has not gone where they wanted it to go, but has gone in places they have no reference to. Like Twin Peaks, this show is colteeplmy original and thus, one needs to think outside the box a bit. I do think that there are too many questions and not enough payoff on them, well not immediate payoff. More like long drawn out payoffs. Most shows will resolve in someway an issue on one episode on the very next, where as with LOST you got to wait weeks to get your answer, if it ever comes. Like Patchy. We see him and we get this big OMG moment (goosebumps and all). When we get the answer of who he is? It took a full season to show the Polar Bears againe2€a6but did we get any answer with them? We got a Pearl Station shirt and a toy trucke2€a6OH and that they can abduct people with out causing much bodily harm. We didne2€™t get the answer of where they came from or why.How to fix it e2€“ Certainly killing off main characters one doesne2€™t like is not the way to fix it. Personally, I done2€™t think it needs fixing. I think there were a few things that have hurt the show. The hiatus they say we wanted (when we only wanted a straight run of more than 5 episodes, which magically seemed to happen to all of ABCe2€™s shows this year), the move to 10pm, killing off everything that was decent on Wednesday nights (including Day Break which was supposed to retain the audiencee2€a6and the promise of LOST moments was WEAK).LOST is not the perfect show, and I done2€™t think such an show exists or ever existed. We are dealing with a show that by all intents and purposes brought back scripted TV. The themes and underlying mythology of the show are well thought out and executed. The dialogue for the most part is top notch and rich with meaning. The filming in unlike I have ever seen in a TV Show. The symbolism and the creation of ite2€™s own unique elements is really unmatched for TV. Maybe just a bit heady for most of ite2€™s audience (and television), but by and large one of the best things on TV right now (and in Televisione2€™s history) and is certainly raising the bar for the future of TV
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#2 9 July 2012, 12:08
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#3 10 July 2012, 11:48
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