Na`Vi.LoL wins MSi Trophy Qualifier #4!


Nowadays, our LoL team has been busy practicing for their first offline tournament (under Na`Vi flag), Gamers Assembly in Paris. We also played a few tournaments and here are the results!


In the Sennheiser HearToWin cup, we finished second in the groupstages. After winning versus image Millenium, we lost to image MYM. In the quarter-finals we faced image aAa, sadly we lost and we had to admit that aAa just played better. aAa was also the winner of the cup.


  • 1st place: image aAa 2.500? + Sennheiser Hardware
  • 2nd place: image AL 1.250? + Sennheiser Hardware
  • 3rd place: image WW 750? + Sennheiser Hardware



Tournament coverage


Unfortunately, we lost to image FnaticRC (Season 1 winners) in semi-finals of EMS qualifier. In a very exciting, close and intense game, we were unable to pin down and focus enemy ranged ad carry in late game. 


Finalists are: image mousesports and image FnaticRC (finals are being played today - 21st of March)


Tournament bracket


We also played another MSI Trophy qualifier, and we are more than happy to say, that we won. Third time`s the charm! In the finals we played MYM and got revenge on them from the Sennheiser Cup game. With an excellent performance throughout the entire tournament, and especially in the finals, we took well-deserved first place.


  • 1st place: image Na`Vi 500? 
  • 2nd place: image MYM - Free entry for Gamers Assembly in Paris



Tournament bracket


In the upcoming week, we will play:

  • AbsoluteLegends Pro League (vs image WW (21st of March @ 19:00 CET) and image mTw (22nd of March @ 19:30 CET))
  • SK Troph (23rd of March - 24th of March - More news about this tournament tomorrow!)
  • CDiscount Cup -  Tournament bracket (21st of March @ 21:00 CET)
  • Corsair Vengeance Cup -  Tournament results and schedule 


There is plenty of PRO LoL action coming this week, so make sure to check our website, forums and Facebook page for updates and streams!


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