Na`Vi's NEXT victims today at 20.00 CET!



UPDATE #2: Na`Vi takes a convincing win despite using 2 stand-ins! See you tommorow, we'll be playing image Moscow Five!

UPDATE: So apparently, the game got pulled with around 3 hours and is gonna be starting soon! Tune in directly through our website and support the guys! Moreover, we'll be using 2 stand-ins from Virtus Pro as XBOCT and LightOfHeaveN won't be able to take part in the match!

Our boys will be playing image in StarLadder's second season! After their two unexpected losses against image DTS and image Darer, image Na`Vi are back on track again, winning their last 2 matches quite  convincingly. With a sheer winning percentage of 85% and 67-12 W/L ratio, Na`Vi are as always the favourites in this match-up. on the other hand are far from their commanding form a few months back and apparently, judging by their GGnet roster, one of their players, image RONIN, has gone inactive. How will things fare off for the Kazakhs and will image Alexei 'eXcLusiVe' Kim meet the expectations? Be sure to tune in tonight at 20.00 PM CET to find out!

We'll keep you updated regarding our team's performance as always!



image English stream for the match against image, casted by image PurgeGamers at 20.00 PM CET




image Russian stream for the match against image, casted by image v1lat at 20.00 PM CET


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