Na`Vi.US in Bounty Hunter series


A few days ago, Na`Vi.US Brax said in his Twitter that the squad will not be shuffled even after an unsuccessful performance at The International. It has been mentioned several times, that despite getting several of the last places on the tournament, Brax, Sneyking, Fogged, Korok and 1437 look very promising when playing together. They will play in the Bounty Hunter Series, in a best of three match against the Not Today team. The winner of this game will receive $1000.


Live Stream

Team Rosters:

  Na`Vi.US: Brax, Korok, Fogged, Sneyking, 1437

PeruNot Today: Mstco, Masoku, Smash, MiHawk, Iwo

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Good Luck Navi
Im Still Support DENDI !~~
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