Na`Vi.Yozhyk interviewed after SEC 2011

Our Samsung Euro Championship 2011 winner image Evhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk is now in Paris, France competing for his first World Champion title but still we had some time to catch him for impressive and vast interview. Exclusively for Yozhyk speak about his SEC 2011 victory, his preparation for ESWC and shares his thoughs on current FIFA e-Sports scene.. 

Are you ready to win ESWC?
Na`Vi.Yozhyk: I can’t answer this question as I had only one week for practice. It’s a brand new game for me while console players had a year to practice. I looked through some of their videos and I saw their play. It’s fast and accurate, so I guess it’ll be pertty hard to win. But I can assure you that I’ll fight till the very last second. I have a huge PC experience and I hope it to help me. I’ll play keepball like Barca, like Spain. .. Yozhyk is coming, beware!


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