Na`Vi.Yozhyk switches to PlayStation 3


The difference between FIFA console version (PS3) and computer version (PC) was stupendous during the previous seasons, i.e. like it was with CS 1.6 and CS:GO. Switching to console was nonsense as everything worked properly on PC. However engine and graphics grew similar on both platforms starting from FIFA 2012. Moreover, PS3 now allows to get a 10-15% more ‘delicious’ picture. More and more tournaments switch to FIFA console. Taking into account all mentioned above, Na`Vi player image Yevhen ‘Yozhyk’ Mostovyk officially switched to PS3 version of FIFA 2012.
image Yevhen "Yozhyk" Mostovyk comments on the decision:
I realised that computer FIFA is quite inferior to the console one, if speaking of the level and amount of tournaments, and their prize fund. That’s why I decided to switch to PS3. This year all the largest tournaments on FIFA console will take place at DreamHack in Sweden (the announcement is available in the Internet) and at ESWC in France (I haven’t seen the announcement yet, but FIFA is always in the list there). I would also like to speak of the most prestigious tournament on cyber football FIWC (FIFA Interactive World cCp), which is to take place in Dubai this year, as my friends-players told me. The championship is prestigious as it deals with FIFA – the famous international football federation. The prize for the world champion is $ 20,000 plus an invitation to Ballon d’Or Gala ceremony, where the winner is to spend most of his time communicating with world football stars.
As for the online tournaments, there are many sites which run tournaments with good prize money every evening.
However, I don’t forget about PC. I continue playing it, but due to the fact that my priority is PS3, I will participate only in the largest PC tournaments. I will definitely practice before WCG.
I would like to thank all the readers and viewers for their support and for the interest to my performances. I encourage you to be active in our forum. Ask me questions; discuss FIFA and football at
Special thanks to Alexander Kokhanovsky aka ‘ZeroGravity’ for his support. Thanks to SteelSeries, Antec, and other sponsors. Thank you all!


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