NBA star defends eSports


Gordon Hayward, a well-known NBA player with decent competitive gaming experience, has stood in defense of eSports to prove that this industry is not the right thing to make fun of.


In April, famous sports media personality Colin Cowherd expressed his dislike of gaming and called watching official matches and other players streaming a meaningless waste of time. This comment triggered a negative response from community and was judged by professional players, gaming fans and, unexpectedly, Gordon Hayward, a capable basketball player for Utah Jazz.



A famous NBA player stood in defense of eSports


Hayward posted quite an expressive message on his Twitter page, and as a result was invited to share his thoughts on Cowherd’s live radio show. There, he once again spoke out in support of eSports and gaming, giving well-based arguments and real life examples. His deep understanding of the scene derives from experience in both traditional and electronic sports.



“I just wanted to defend the eSports community. I’m very passionate about gaming and don’t like to see people say things about it when they’re misinformed", he said to DailyDot.


Hayward and eSports


Hayward’s interest in eSports began with video game consoles, from the NES to the Nintendo 64 and Xbox, thanks to which he found out about Halo series. Eventually he even got into the team and participated in various different tournaments, even though his traditional sport career required tremendous amount of time and effort.


“I’m the type of person who just wants to do everything competitively. I love competing, and gaming is another outlet for that”, Hayward stated. Nowadays, the decision to combine traditional sports and competitive gaming is quite common. By doing this, athletes can reach their full potential and express themselves in different areas.


An athlete likes both traditional and electronic sports


Hayward likes to watch official matches through Twitch and regards gaming as a self-sufficient branch of sports. “Games are associated with being lazy, but the competitive scene is so much different. You’re a professional, you have a team, you’re in constant communication, even more so than in basketball. It’s stressful and it’s a job”, he said.


Considering huge scope of such tournaments as Dota 2’s The International and League of Legends World Championship, this statement can’t be denied. The final match of the latter has once gathered more than 32 million viewers, while the prize-pool of last The International left many traditional kinds of sports far behind.


League of Legends World Championship 2014


Either way, eSports is developing at an increasing pace, and its future promises to be even more exciting. The interest of world community rises, causing the drastic change of common opinion that describes gaming as a dead-end activity. For the time being, we can only speculate as to what to expect next and how farther gaming will be able to get. One thing is certain — ithe eSports that we know today is just the beginning.



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