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From now on Natus Vincere will produce a weekly review which will provide our fans with a summary of the week, as well as the answers to certain questions. For example, why was Zeus picked or why did our CS squad miss three qualifers to EMS One. We have also prepared something special for you: it's a brand new concept in the world of eSports -  the sink-meter aka the fail-meter.


In the first issue will we do one thing that will never happen again: we will cover the previous Sunday because it had a significant meaning for the team as our DotA2 guys had hit the bottom so to speak. There was a chance of advancing to SLTV finals at stake which required us to beat Mousesports. Na`Vi met mouz ten times in the last eight months and came out victorious in six of those (plus one tie).

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Nothing boded trouble before the match versus Mouz. However, in the first couple of minutes Mouz gained lead and maintained their advantage during  the rest of the match because Na`Vi didn't give their complex play line enough thought.  However, one does not simply overpower Natus Vincere.  This was proven by XBOCT who has been farming like there was a Ferrari at stake. He even managed to do a better job than PL!

We ourselves did a good job at preventing illusions from barracks, so as a result the game came to a phase where everything is determined by a single fight. Somewhere in a parallel universe, Magnus and Panda who pick their fights on time could make the match going our way, but 40 minutes of farming took their toll on XBOCT, so he thought he already got Magnus, Panda and blink. As a result - a couple of hex, Ravage in the face and ggbb. The victory seemed to be so close... Anyway, what do we learn from this match? Not a single gadget in your arsenal can substitute rational thinking!
Talking a little bit off topic, our organization is going to become more transparent for the fans in the nearest future. We will make sure that you can not only follow the games, but also stay tuned to our plans and some other thoughts on what's going on in the team. What do you take away from it? It's not that bad on the dark side, you know.
While some people were dreaming about sheeps, a new day had arrived and the time for new great achievements came. DotA2 squad registers for the fourth EMS qualifier, the news writers post the announcements, the players prepare for the games,  the oil flows through the pipes and as usual,  there are no signs of trouble... until you get the event brackets without Natus Vincere. Not bad, eh? That same day, our CS guys show not quite their very best performance against zNation and claim only three rounds in the match. Long story short, Monday achievements didn't go that well as a whole. What do we take away from these stories? Monday is a really tough day of the week indeed.
Later, the things went up the hill it terms of Dota2. We went on winning the last meaningless matches versus 4FC and DD at Starladder, while Friday saw us proving strong as we won the Bigpoint Battle. The highlight should be put on a game where we destroyed the dark-orange HoNers who for some reason decided they're DotA2-players. The first match was an OK game for Fnatic where they demonstrated some kind of resistance, but the next one was a game with the usage of Zeus who haven't been picked for quite a long time. It was even a pity that Zeus occurance was really a coincidence, not a plan. ХВОСТ has some words to say about it: “We decided to throw some randomness into the mix. Zeus has perfectly fit our roster, so we decided to use him.” What do we learn from this kind of randomness? If you've picked the wrong hero - let Dendi play him! Here's the video with Zeus:
It's worth mentioning that team Liquid was defeated by a reborn phoenix of team DTS in the semi-finals. By the way, DTS this time standed for Dendi The Superman. We would also like to point out our fellow comrade from Germany who awesomely played Rubick and was nominated to MVP in several matches. Our organization decided to praise this player with a movie which is currently being created by our video-wizards.  And here's the proof of Kurobick's godlike nature for the primer:
While our Dota-guys were throwing lightnings, our CS:GO team was getting ready for their first EMS One qualifer. First match showed us that the saying of "ripping someone's to Britain's flag" doesn't particularly apply to brits themselves. It was quite hard, but the guys managed to overcome their opponents. Arseny made a highlight of 1vs3 putting down three aggressive Englishmen at B-site alone. Despite the first match going to our favor as well as the second one being surprisingly fast, Na`Vi haven't managed to get into the group stage of this tournament.
Why have Natus Vincere missed the previous qualifiers? At that moment, the team's shape was far away from the ideal one, not even close to the shape which the guys were in at the moment of the last qualifier. The organization decided to avoid the first qualifiers in order to maintain players' emotional stability. Now we realize what a mistake it was. We should've participated in every qualifier to gain enough points for advancing to the group stage despite our men being demoralized in some way perhaps. Nevertheless, we've defeated KerchNET right after. What do we take away from this situation? [CENSORED]
Last week, a new movie dedicated to Sergey "Ars-Art" Revin saw the light of the day. While watching it one might think that something nasty happened to Sergey. That's not true. All we wanted to show is the drama we had to deal with in a face of changing this undoubtedly marvelous player. As mentioned, Sergey will be the first to take his place in a wax museum  Natus Vincere's Hall of Fame.
Let's talk a little bit off the topic once again. We have a new partner! This is, of course, very good for organization and teaches us that the marketing shouldn't be underestimated. It's a gaming device shop called Fucken.PRO.
Today Na`Vi's office is as busy as ever because our CS:GO squad came here for practice. Our Dota-players will soon join them. Everybody's excited about upcoming events, while Markeloff is the only one being gloomy about that he had to move from +14C area to -7C one. We share his disappointment and can't wait to see his reaction to snowy frost in Moscow. What do we learn from Markeloff? Certainly not tolerance!
We have prepared some drama for you as a dessert. A couple of hours before CS:GO games at EMS qualifiers started, Sergey "Starix" Ischuk had to handle not so pleasant situation of not being able to login into his Steam-account. We have find out that his account was hijacked by a guy who's nick name prooves him to be a true fan of Starix - "Sereja tashit". It was especially disheartening because Sergey wasn't able to create a new account and register it in the ESL database in time which is required for taking part in a match. Our persuading talent from Lviv came to save the day and the account was retrieved in a matter of few minutes. The galaxy may sleep peacefully now. What do we learn from this story? It's not safe to use passwords like God, Love or Sex.
We would also like to present you a weekly SINK-METER (aka fail-meter). This is an instrument for measuring team's performance during the last seven days. Sink-meter's roots come from a folklore Counter-Strike meme in Russian which was originally "THE BOTTOM". It describes the poor performance of one or several players during particular match or in a game as a whole: the deeper - the worse.
Event Level of immersion
Defeated by Mousesports 4 meters
Being more transparent to the community 3 meters
"Applying" for EMS Dota2 2 meters
Missing EMS CS:GO  5 meters
Defeating 4FC & DD 1 meter
Winning Bigpoint battle 2 meters
Winning a match with Zeus 5 meters
Finding new partner 2 meters
Gathering at a training base 2 meter
Defeating KerchNET 1 meter
Playing under the name of DTS 1 meter
Retrieving the lost account 4 meters
Total: 2 meters above the sea level!

It's now safe to congratulate Natus Vincere as this week we keep our heads above the water. Disagree? Welcome to the ban comments. That's it, folks. We'll see you in our next weekly issue on Sunday. Stay tuned!


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