Natus Vincere Weekly Review #2

We're back with another edition of our weekly review. Remember how we said we wouldn’t cover the previous Sunday anymore? Well, guess what - we lied, sorry about that.

This time you’ll find out how our team got on a newspaper and also discover the power of a secret Estonian weapon. Finally, we’ll once again measure Natus Vincere's success for the week with our patented sink-meter! Let's go!


Last week, our DotA2 squad made it to the next stage of the We Play DotA2 tournament, destroying teams like "Eosin's four" and Keita along the way. These matches weren't super exciting, but somehow still had something special about them. While the audience might have felt it was the Clockwerk / Storm Spirit combination, it was definitely the team’s logo for me. Since we won’t see the penguins in the next stage, we can just smile and wave, boys. Smile and wave. The match against Keita was about as boring as the team's logo. Basically, Natus Vincere ain't afraid of no penguins!

How does Natus Vincere's stay in Moscow relate to the team's appearance in a city newspaper? In no way whatsoever! If you’ve followed Na`Vi for long enough, you should be able to remember the following crazy video-clip:


This video is why Natus Vincere’s black and yellow hoodies are on the newspaper; the thumbnail was used on a Harlem Shake article:

What does this story teach us? If you want to be in a newspaper - just dance, go nuts!
Meanwhile, the DotA2 squad has been invited to the G1 League qualifier. So, we don’t even have to qualify for the qualifier - How impressive is that? Other qualified teams includeTL, NTH, and More teams will eventually qualify to the G1 League qualifier. Past victories have more value than any current failures.

While Na`Vi's DotA2-players were enjoying their TI success, the Counter-Strike team was practicing hard during the training base’s bootcamp. The results were immediate: the guys took over NiP but lost to This was enough to place second in the current Starladder rating (12 wins, 3 losses) securing a place at the LAN-finals, which will take place between the 4-7 of April in Kiev. Our opponent will be, but it will be Best-of-3, so we can hope for something much more exciting than just a regular online-match. Basically, eSports online is like phone sex: there's nothing better than LAN with Best-of-3.

Meanwhile, we interviewed one of our new Dota2 players. It became one of those Q&As where the questions are actually longer than the answers. The organization's management wasn't too happy about it, so Kuroky promised us to give some more detailed answers next time. He'd better stick to that promise because one doesn't simply mess with Natus Vincere's management (especially since the management representatives are about 7 foot tall).

Last week, we also qualified for the EMS One finals. A lot of money is at stake - the unexpected loss against AL right off the bat has not only questioned Na`Vi's chances to even make it past the group stage, but also determined the comment of the week:

"I don't give a crap about the place - they've lost the game!" (c) Na`Vi's unknown "fan"

Our fans are so determined that even first place in the group is considered unsatisfactory.

You've also probably noticed that Natus Vincere began producing new videos predominantly in English:


Many Russian-speaking fans have reacted to this quite negatively, to be honest - they had a thing called butthurt. We feel for them, but we also hope that they’ll understand that we are just trying to encourage them to improve their English skills! We’ve also captioned them in Russian, so that should help.

Ok, now it's time for Natus Vincere’s secret weapon - TACTICAL PAUSES. Tactical what? It's like sex in the army: everybody's talking about it, but no one actually does it. Our crew decided to investigate the matter.

Jokes aside, it's time to admit that tactical pauses really exist. It was successfully proven by Natus Vincere during the most important match in the DotA2-team's history. Clement had discovered the possibility to pause back in the good old DoTa days. He kept the secret because he could use it only once. After revealing it, the secret would go public. Natus Vincere would like to express sincere apologies to team Redefining Madness for using this deadly weapon against them. You guys, did great, but one can't simply overcome the power of tactical pause. Since everybody now knows about the tactical pause, we hope that IceFrog won't eliminate it from the game, so there will be a possibility to set the game on pause whenever you have to go to the bathroom or something.

Alright, we can now move onto the last week's main event - Techlabs 2013 in Moscow. For Na`Vi, it's safe to call this even FailLabs. We won't discuss the quality of the event here - that's another topic. We can only tell you that Na`Vi's first CS:GO match started with a 3-hour delay. The boys tried their best, but the reality is: at the moment, NiP & ESC aim and shoot better than Na`Vi. Markeloff is perhaps the only one who has successfully transitioned his sniping skills to a newer version of Counter-Strike. Nevertheless, we believe that the rest of our players will soon tune their skills up to the highest level and will once again shine at the top of the podium. The DotA2-guys decided to try CK+Wisp again - you should know the outcome by now. By the way, according to Joindota’s statistics, Wisp is the most commonly banned hero by Na’Vi. Probably, the team shouldn't change their habits this time. Perhaps Clement should start auto-banning Wisp from now on!

Na`Vi only had two really bright moments worth mentioning during Techlabs 2013 in Moscow. First, Dendi discovered extraterrestrial bus-driving abilities. He could only prove them in one game out of three, but we believe he'll be able to get a bus driver's license sooner or later. Here's the proof:


The second highlight took place when Alexander Kohanovsky personally awarded Sergey Revin with a commemorative plate on the main stage. It happened right after Dendi took to fourth place. There’s always a reason to have a positive attitude.

FailLabs was trying to bring Na`Vi down even after the event itself finished. It turned out that the airport in Kiev was closed due to snowfall, so the players had to fly to Donetsk and then somehow get to their base. Their preparation for CPH Games will start tomorrow. Hey, at least we now know who's behind the Darth Vader mask:


As always, we can conclude today's weekly review with another edition of our SINK-METER. As you very well know, Na`Vi is holding 2 meters above the sea level since our last episode. Let's see if we can maintain that level this time around.

Event Level of immersion
Last week's position 2 meters
Advancing to play-off in We Play DotA2 3 meters
G1-League qualifier invitation 1 meter
Boring interview with Kuroky ↓1 meter
Loss against AL 5 meters
Advancing to play-off in EMS One 3 meters
English learning encouragement 5 meters
Win over NIP 3 meters
Loss against ↓2 meters
Advancing to finals in SLTV (CS:GO) 3 meters
Losing with Wisp+CK two times in one day 10 meters
Placing fourth out of four ↓5 meters
Darth Dendi ↑1 meter
Positive highlights at Techlabs ↑1 meter
Website was down for almost two days ↓2 meters
Total: ↓3 meters

Unfortunately, last week's results caused the team to go under water, but the bottom is still way, way deeper than that. Will Natus Vincere swim to the surface or will it drown next week? Follow the sink-meter, so you will know. If you don't agree with today's sink-meter - tell us all about it in the comments section below! For now, we’ll see you next week!


P.S.: Special thanks to FaeLD who kindly agreed to proof-read the article and correct some inconsistencies.

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