A week with Natus Vincere #21

Do you like Mondays as much as we do? It’s quite possible. Because we don’t like Mondays at all. Neither hot coffee, nor the first snow outside the window can make us feel better about it…not even NS retiring from dota2. But there’s one thing which makes Mondays a little bit worse for me and a little bit better for you: a brand new edition of Na’Vi Weekly. Today on the menu: the new manager is sinking to the bottom, the ups and downs of DreamHack, the new documentary and…GOOOOOOOOOOOOAL! Let’s start.


The week started with the news of some management changes within our squads. Even though there is no allusion to the quality of work of previous managers in it, there are not many cases in history of people being replaced for performing their duties flawlessly. But we’re not studying history, we are writing it, if you know what I mean.


Who knows, maybe it was the new manager who dispelled the curse of DreamHack from our born-to-win-everywhere-but-the-DreamHack players who were finally able to enjoy the full-fledged title of “Born to Win” (Natus Vincere). Na’Vi Dota 2 squad was crowned as the champion of DreamHack Winter 2013. While the players were bathing in glory, Razzoc (the new Na’Vi.Dota 2 team manager) was bathing in a cold Swedish lake. We don’t know yet when the newly-fledged manager will be put through fire and water, but we will keep you updated. 


Want to be the winner of DreamHack next year? No time to waste. We don’t know which role you like the most, that’s why we’ve prepared a guide suitable for both mid- and offlane players: a guide to Timbersaw. Versuta will teach you how to cut down trees and read with expression while you’re at it. And if you prefer farming, you should turn to our new edition of The Uneven Fight and learn how a big-bad TA can be brought down by a small but proud invisible Riki (Russian language only).


Unfortunately, the relationships between DreamHack and our CS:GO team didn’t work out as well as they did for Na’Vi Dota 2. Things haven’t been going well lately for the team. Even rare victories against key rivals (such as the Astana Dragons) don’t have much of an impact of the overall impression. But while haters use their incompetent hands to punch in the most ingenious insult, we still believe and patiently wait for results. Besides, the first success has already been achieved, let’s not forget about the fact that the team has successfully moved past the group stage of Fragbite Masters. Yes-yes, we know, the opposition has not been the fiercest, but you have to start somewhere, right?


Ok, enough about guns and aghanim scepters. Let’s talk about balls. Footballs I mean. The thing is, we completely forgot about our FIFA player - Eugeniy, a.k.a. Yozhyk. So, as part of our informal rubrics “Cheer for Na’Vi or die”, we’d like to show a short episode from one of his games.



We’ve already gotten tired of writing about our tankers’ victories: enough is enough, guys! That’s why we decided to somewhat dilute the WoT news flow with a short documentary on Oleg Romanenkov, a.k.a Straik. Hopefully, you’ve already gotten hooked up on tanks after our previous edition of Na’Vi Weekly, so you’re probably well aware of the fact that Oleg can be considered a Dendi of WoT. He doesn’t like giving interviews much, but this only adds to the value of the documentary. Watching this short film is recommended to everyone, since the faith of a cyberathlete, especially in the CIS region, is a very interesting thing to learn about no matter the gaming discipline. 




And now, from the dizzying peaks, conquered by our squads, we will perform a deadly downfall culminating in a full immersion straight on the bottom. Take you seats in the sink-meter and remember: you can always influence its contents and consistence.




Level of immersion

Beginning of the week standing

↑205 meters

A run of very bad luck for CS:GO squad

↓30 meters

Dota 2 curse dispelled

↑10 meters

Management changes

↑5 meters

WoT Documentary

↑5  meters

Praise the Lord Versuta for a new guide

↑5 meters


↑200 meters

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