A week with Natus Vincere #22

You can’t just grab your bag and take a flight somewhere if you’re part of Na’Vi. Who would have thought that this would also be true for modest analysts and their personal trips? Surely not me, so the first rightful December issue of Na’Vi weekly had to be almost makeshifted at the airport. But this is not the only news from last week: we’ve got something else for you. We summarize the outcomes of this year’s last LAN event, Versuta gets to a new level of Pudge-hatred, and Na’Vi quantified strikes again at our imagination. Wrap yourselves in warm blankets and…let’s start!


For the past few weeks, the biggest question of our evening was the biggest news in our digests was without a doubt reserved to Na’Vi Dota 2 winning in some big LAN event. So, why did we decide to start this edition with some nostalgic thoughts? First of all, because you have to appreciate how busy last month was for our Dota 2 squad. Secondly, because the last LAN event of the year brought us, unfortunately, not a championship title, but a humble 3-4 place. Some would say that such results are proof of China dominating Europe in Dota 2 (we remind you that Vici Gaming, an Asian team, grabbed the championship), but common sense suggests, that champions simply have been exhausted of constantly being on the road. The situation is such that nowadays top teams simply don’t have the time to train: too many tournaments and leagues (this is true not only of Na’Vi, but of Alliance as well, for example)




Multiple online leagues will now take center stage, after some of them had taken a forced vacation due to the traveling plans of major participants. First of all – the bastard child of Natus Vincere and Virtus.pro: Dota 2 Champions League. However, let us remind you, that for the representatives of organizing teams the league didn’t turn out to be very successful. Another (also not very successful) stop – Dota 2 League. And, if I may say so, the purple cherry on top of our online cake – another season of Starladder. It’s already made a lot of noise this month. But while some are tearing their orange T-shirts apart, write blogs and get dominated game after game, we are patiently waiting for games to start.


Our CS:GO squad has also joined the battle in Starladder. But this is by far not the most interesting news concerning our CS:GO team. Just a few hours ago we learned about some global changes to it. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but in the nearest time we will try to uncover the reasons behind the changes for you in as much detail as possible. First signs of things to come, as usual, appeared on Twitter first and only then came out the official announcement. Easy come, easy go, as they say, and sometimes it happens so that, first a player goes and then he comes back. Or, at first you find him, and then you lose him.


Ok, enough with the sad things. Let’s recall something fun. You remember the epic clash between our streamer Versuta and Pudge, that didn’t want to dismember anyone under any circumstances? Well, even if you don’t, Aren has found a new way of taking his revenge on the dreaded hero. In our new DPS Show you will find out how much damage the wretched hamburger can soak up. But, regardless, he will not be the main star of the show, instead each edition it will be a new carry-hero. Intrigued? The second edition is already out! (Russian language only, but I’m sure you’ll get the general idea even if you don’t speak Russian)



As you can see, we take our numbers seriously. Students have exams breathing down their necks, so we also decided to practice a bit. Although Na’Vi Quantified is made not by a university student, but by a true schoolboy, we still hope that all his calculations are correct. Who killed whom and how many times this past month, which hero is hated the most by Puppey and what misfortune is all about, you may find out here.


And now it’s time to get submerged with our SINK-METER! Remember, its fate is always in your hands (but, of course, mostly in mine)



Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 200 meters
Two soldiers down 50 meters
Return of the prodigal Edward 20 meters
So-so performance in EMS One 10 meters
Hello, eat him! Or DPS Show 10 meters
Way too little adventures during the past week 5 meters
Overall: 165 meters


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