A week with Natus Vincere #23

Last week without the Weekly showed me 2 things: first, you don’t have to be afraid of Mondays, and second, people actually read and love the weekly edition. They even write tearful tweets lamenting in them about the missing edition. Winter 2014 collection from Na’Vi is already in stores, CS:GO team finishes the year on a positive note, and our Dota 2 players are still sweating in Starladder. An almost cute and nearly festive airing of Natus Vincere weekly starts in 3, 2, 1…  


Since we’ve already started talking about touchy subjects and adorableness, I don’t have any other choice than to start by introducing our new courier – Basim. Tuskar’s illegitimate son and the terror of all Greevils came to our lands with a mission to care for the artifacts of all Na’Vi fans. Watch our videos dedicated to the new courier and vote for him in the Workshop. In the meantime, I will go get a tattoo of Dendi’s face:



Another good news for those who like spending decorating their heroes. Our fashionable Wings of Obelis set for Chen is already available in store. Moreover, 5 lucky people already managed to get their hands on the set for free by participating in one of our uncomplicated contests. Don’t like decorating the Christmas tree? Decorate your Chen at least!


You may also dress up in Natus Vincere uniform and cheer for our squad in SLTV. Although, it’s late to cheer for our CS players, nevertheless, they’ve done a very good job and took silver in this season’s SLTV. If you think about how long the blackest of black streaks for Na’Vi CS:GO was, you could call it a big breakthrough. In addition, the new roster virtually didn’t have a chance to practice together before the LAN event. Finishing the regular season with a fifth place, our boys entered the final stage of the tournament only by luck. But here they showed some serious gaming skills. Speaking of Starladder, I’d like to point out not only the thorough work of our players, but also at the sometimes inconspicuous labor of my colleagues from the editorial board. On the other hand, how could such a grand reportage covering all days of the past event be missed? And if you’re not interested in CS:GO, you may simply take a look at our correspondents’ Dota 2 alter-egos: 




Actually, no. In that case you should’ve skipped the last paragraph and went directly to this one, to learn what our Dota-squad was up to in SLTV. For now, we are successfully marching at the top of the standings alongside the Alliance. By the way, we only conceded games to them, Imperials and RoX.Kis. We don’t want to get ahead of ourselves, but apparently our Dota 2 players will be heading to the Cybersport Arena in Kiev in a couple of weeks in order to catch up with and surpass their CS:GO counterparts. In the meantime, they have enough time for preparations. Rumor has it that every evening they gather by the fireplace and watch new guides from Versuta. By the way, here’s the latest edition of the Uneven Fight (Russian language only):



Even this week’s SINK-METER is very special. It invites us to submerge no to the bottom of the sea, but into the fluffy snows of Basim’s homeland:    



Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 165 meters
1 Weekly at the price of 2 10 meters
CS:GO silver  10 meters
Meeting Basim (additional +5 for the video) 10 meters
An exclusive interview with Na’Vi.ceh9 7 meters
Natus Vincere Birthday left unnoticed 5 meters
Overall: 177 meters


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