A week with Natus Vincere #24

Na`Vi Weekly is back into circulation. For the first time this year we will gather all the hottest news from past week, determine which dota 2 players are better – old or new, watch together the main new year’s video and will even go two weeks back to make up for time lost during the holidays. Are you ready? Then let’s start!


You don’t even have to tell me you were missing it. It’s clear enough. Actually, I don’t mean my column here, I’m talking about our traditional editions of Na’Vi Quantified. To make the informational vacuum of January a bit less unbearable for you, we’ve prepared several such materials. Firstly, our usual monthly edition of Na’Vi Quantified, that demonstrates quite colorfully how much farm our dota 2 players got and how many times they died in the past month. Secondly, we’ve organized a perfect setting for holy wars and pillow fights by comparing the stats of Na’Vi players’ performances from different years: Smile vs Kuroky and LightofHeaven vs Funn1k. For reasons unknown to me, from some statistical data our readers went completely bonkers. Perhaps evil math teachers planted the seeds of hatred to numbers in them already during the school years. But that’s a story for another time.   


If you’d like to spare your nerves and cheer yourself up, close the infographics tab. We have a present still waiting impatiently for you under the Christmas tree. Happy Dota Movie for all those who spent their holidays with salads and a running dota 2 client.




And this paragraph will be dedicated to news about our CS:GO squad. Our boys, as you know, played in the EMS One qualifiers, and Ceh9 diligently commentated all their matches. Boys went through the bracket like a hot knife goes through butter shuttering their opponents in an aggressive style of those who are Born to Conquer. So, you may say that the year has started well. 


And the previous one, by the way, finished not too bad as well. Cooperation between Na’Vi and the Gameplay cyberclub became the big news of December. Many gaming rooms, comfortable VIP-zone, a bar and the official studio of Natus Vincere all found its place in it. If you’ve already been there – share your impressions, and if not – I would already be standing in line to get in, if I were you.


image image


Better book it for next week, though, as this week you will be busy like hell. After all, from 17th to 19th of January you will be challenging your lungs to their maximum capacity when cheering for Na’Vi at the Cybersport Arena in Kiev. Without any considerable problems our boys advanced to the LAN-finals of the tournament where they will be the only squad representing the CIS. So, come over and help take Kiev back from the Swedes, just like in the good old days. 




Put some warm clothes on, don’t skip school, watch regular editions of the “Uneven Fight” and “Maximum DPS” (russian language only) and, of course, don’t take your eyes off of D2CL news as season two qualifiers have already started. And, of course, don’t forget to sink to the bottom with us each week. The SINK-METER is on your screens.


Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 177 meters
Darth finally changes sex and becomes Lois Lane 5 meters
Excellent start for our CS players 10 meters
Enjoyable, but not so fresh news 5 meters
Quantify all that moves 15 meters
D2CL 2-nd season is upon us 5 meters
Starladder is coming  10 meters
2 weeks without Weekly, or a knife through the heart 20 meters
Overall: 207 meters


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