A week with Natus Vincere #25

Sometimes you feel as if the world around you stops spinning. Music fades, streets are empty, people around you become invisible. What could it be? The first kiss, a long expected meeting, the Olympic torch relay, a new edition of Na’Vi Weekly…But, seriously, it’s not about that.


The very event that clouded our minds, monitor screens and news feeds was the start of Starladder Season VIII LAN-finals. There wasn’t anything more important to think or to write about. But, nonetheless, we will pull a few insides out of the hat, which haven’t been spoken of before.


The week started with a boot camp of our Dota-squad in Kiev. Boys sweated heavily while playing CS:GO, fans voiced their requests for their mothers, and our journalists tried to comply with them. As a result, we’ve accumulated quite a few boot camp videos featuring our dota 2 squad playing scrims, pub games and showcasing their skills. Of course, all of this couldn’t go without some victims of flame who didn’t appreciate one bit that videos weren’t made the way they’d requested them to be. But we recollect upon the commandments of NS and Solo and urge all “flamethrowers” to take it easy.


It’s impossible, of course, to skip the preview of the above mentioned finals. One of the main purposes of this text is to teach us one valuable lesson. March3llo isn’t the only person on the internet who makes jokes about Virtus.pro. If I get confused with him one more time, I will have to publish my photo with each of the materials. And this is a serious threat. Though, not as serious of a threat as Funn1k on Nyx.




Have no idea what I am talking about? Missed all the ez-rares games of your favorite team? No worries. Firstly, soon we will have an extensive review of all Na’Vi games in SLTV on our website. Secondly, you may already find something interesting in our tournament coverage. But, we’re not going to push a dozen links on you, all the latest news on our website are about that anyways. Learn a few new tricks from XBOCT. 



(SUCKALITY in russian)

But it wasn’t just XBOCT who was giving free lessons, it was also our footballer Yozhyk. Recently, he’s started making FIFA 2014 tutorials. If you’d like to score some goals the way Na’Vi players do it, subscribe to our channel:




And now a few parting words. The popular vote for the last participant of the second season of D2CL is still going. Build your love Show your devotion to your favorite team. Otherwise, we won’t take you on board our submarine, rushing straight to the Sink-Meter.



Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 207 meters
Starladder Champions. Again. 20 meters
A flood of content from the tournament as well as the boot camp 10 meters
High composure at the press-conference 10 meters
Too much flame from fans at the Arena 10 meters
Yozhyk tries on the shoes of a sensei 5 meters
Overall: 222 meters


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