A week with Natus Vincere #26

Horrible writing. A heartless digest written with one hand. The worst thing you’ve ever read on this website. The new edition of Na`Vi Weekly is on air from the Metropolis. ArtStyle vs ARS-ART, Uneven Fight vs Maximum DPS, a gladiator-Pudge vs all prejudice and, traditionally, our Sink-Meter vs common sense. Let’s s-s-s-s-tart!


This time, perhaps, I’ll pull a fast one on everyone and start with news that hasn’t been mentioned in the preview. What a treachery! It’s about the tutorials from our honorable CS player ceh9. A month or two ago ceh9 promised us to participate actively in the organization’s life, but he didn’t tell us what he was going to actually occupy himself with. But now the veil of secrecy has been lifted, although slightly, and various CS:GO tutorials have appeared on our channel, which, by the way, have been received with great enthusiasm by the audience. 



We must note that the astrologers had definitely proclaimed last week the week of streams. The population of Natus Vincere streamers doubled. Want to stay in-touch with your favorite players? Don’t want to miss another rage from XBOCT or an epic headshot by Seized? Then follow the updates on our channel twitch.tv/team/navi and on our facebook and twitter pages.


Last week, everyone from CIS celebrated the Day of Students. We also didn’t want to be indifferent and prepared something for those who like grinding hard at the textbooks. Today’s edition is literally swarming with video tutorials and other didactic materials for gamers. While Versuta teaches us about the correct way of buying your starting items (russian language only), ceh9 teaches us how to shoot, and Yozhyk, for the second week in a row, explains how to hold on to the ball on virtual stadiums of FIFA 2014.



And some members of our editorial board didn’t celebrate the Day of Students at all. Because certain members of our editorial boards – are too old for this are still in school. Because of that, the work was in full swing, dedicated to the new quantitative comparison between two players which haven’t been part of Na’Vi for quite some time already. Who killed, died, and leshrac-ed the most – ArtStyle of Smile? Why does Puppey prefer redheads and ArtStyle brunettes? We tried to provide the answers to these questions in an exquisite infographics.   


By the way, for those who appreciate refined and elegant things, we’ve released a new set - Gladiator's Revenge for Pudge. Terrifying armor, golden chains, steel helmet – I’m already struggling to resist, and you? A sharp trident, replacing the original hook, and a massive axe will be the weapons of the vengeful gladiator. Vote now and very soon you'll be able to see it in all your local pub games. 


By the way, wearing steel armor makes It much easier to sink to the bottom of the sea to our Sink-Meter.



Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 222 meters
Weekly is disliked. By everyone. Myself included. 20 meters
Pudge made of reinforced concrete in the Workshop   10 meters
A compilation of video tutorials covering several games 15 meters
Tournament calm 10 meters
XBOCT is becoming a professional stand-in 5 meters
ArtStyle vs all 7 meters
Overall: 229 meters


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