A week with Natus Vincere #27

If a new header picture was made with each issue of Na’Vi Weekly, this time you’d be greeted by ceh9 sitting on a tank wearing a Batrider T-shirt while at Darth’s in Cool Story Bro. Have we sparked your imagination? Or, conversely, don’t have a clue what we’re talking about? Then click on “read more” to see the full version. By the way, if someone were able to actually depict the described picture, that person would get a gift from me personally.  


We know what you’ve missed even more than the Weekly edition: our WoT players. For our tank watcher New Year’s holidays have ended just recently. And with the first workdays came the first news of 2014 about the tank division of Born to Conquer ones (or about the Born to Conquer tank division – if you’d prefer to look at it this way). Our boys continue their conquest of the third season of Wargaming Golden League. The fact that they are the reigning league champions undoubtedly has an intimidating effect on their opponents. But, at the same time, adds a certain amount of pressure on the players. By the way, while I was writing this paragraph, stream embedded into the recently opened news article started playing automatically, so I’ve almost learned how to play WoT.   


If you’ve easily mastered tank driving, it’s time for you to move on to some exercises with grenades. It would be foolish to skip this lesson, when your sensei is one of the most renowned Counter-Strike players in the world. Interesting fact: Microsoft Word has just suggested changing the word “sensei” to “Sensei”. It turns out that even MS Word knows who I’m talking about and who’s really got a good grasp of CS. 


Those who don’t want to study, but want to marry, will likely appreciate more our news about the opening of the Secret Shop branch in the CIS. According to the Twitter photos of our PR-manager prb, there’s enough of trendy T-shirts to equip a whole army of Dota 2 players. However, there’s no mention of whether this is a picture of the shop’s goods or of Oleg’s private collection?




Contrary to the rare opinions of our young readers, we really value your feedback and are always ready to get useful advices and new ideas from it. I also thoroughly read through all the comments to our Weekly edition. So, I decided to take one of your advices. Now I will lose weight, die and become Polina Logunova, Now we will try to talk a bit more about tournaments which our teams take part in. If you’ve been following the events in the Dota-community, than you probably know about the cooperation between MLG and JoinDota. Together these two titans of eSports have prepared the MLG T.K.O. tournament which will gather 8 European teams. Among them, of course, are the Born to Conquer ones. We have a long way to go to the finals, but Natus Vincere actually have good chances of getting there. 

And, finally, a grand comeback of this month. Cool Story, Bro is back (in Russian only for now, though) to your screens! We’ll be savoring the details next week when the first edition will have come out. In the meantime, let’s dive to our SINK-METER.



Event Level of immersion
Beginning of the week standing 229 meters
The return of CSB 5 meters
Tankers are back in action 10 meters
ceh9: sensei and streamer 10 meters
Packs of puck T-shirts 10 meters
MLG the European way 7 meters
Overall: 271 meters




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