TI 2015: Natus Vincere's main rivals at qualifiers

Regional qualifiers of The International 2015 started on 25 May. The world's strongest teams will fight over the right to participate in the tournament with a prize pool, which have reached as much as $ 9 000 000. Four best teams of the qualifiers will get straight to the final part of the tournament in Seattle. The teams, which take second places, will fight over the 2 remaining slots at Wild Card tournament.
The Chinese and American qualifiers have already begun. The teams in Europe and South-East Asia are still preparing to the upcoming games. Natus Vincere team is also preparing at a special bootcamp in Kyiv.
Meanwhile we've prepared a list of the teams, which will participate in the European qualifiers and which seem to be the most confident. These are the leaders of the upcoming battle: SwedenThe Alliance, Russian FederationHellraisers.Russian FederationVega Squadrone and SwedenNinjas in Pyjamas.
SwedenThe Alliance hasn't managed to show competitive game lately. Maybe the reason was bad communication between the players, or may be they couldn't manage to reach a necessary level of teamplay. We'll never know the truth. Anyway, the team was undergoing a number of changes in the squad for a couple of months.  An experienced Swedish player SwedenPajkatt joined the team this January. The team began playing more confidently after this acquirement. In spring SwedenAdmiralBulldog and France7ckngMad replaced SwedenNiqua and SwedenEGM. Though the performance hasn't improved significantly, it still can surprize rivals with new strategies. The new squad of UkraineNatus Vincere encountered SwedenThe Alliance at DreamLeague Season 3. The Swedes defeated UkraineNa`Vi with 2:0 score. The encounter will be most interesting, because both teams were the champions of The International, and all the players are experienced and skilled.
Next comes the team Russian FederationHellreisers, which has been demonstrating stable performance over the year. The team participated in a couple of grand tournaments and took top places in 2015. Moreover, Russian FederationHellreisers is a Ukrainian organization, which compounds of the players of Ukraine, Russia and Kazakhstan. This means that the CIS community will equally support both teams, so there'll be lots of emotions. The two teams met once in April at the qualifiers of Red Bull Battle Grounds Dota 2. The lions' team defeated the Born to Win with 2:1 score.
Two teams take the third line of our chart. These are Russian FederationVega Squadron and SwedenNinjas in Pygamas. Having acquired Russian FederationSolo and UkraineMag, Russian FederationVega began strengthening and improving its performance. In accordance of the matches' statistics of the last month, the team tends to improve its results. However, they didn't manage to defeat the Born to Win in the last match of DreamLeague Season 3, as a result UkraineNa`Vi won 2 games confidently. As concerns SwedenNiP, the team has been performing stably well since its foundation. However, the players haven't shown a effective game lately.
As you know patch 6.84 has changed the game's dynamics significantly. The encounters that used to last 50 minutes at least are now over in some 30-40 minutes. The whole DOTA tends to force heroes to enter the battle in the very beginning of the match. Additionally, pushing heroes like Chen, Broodmother, Leshrac, ect. are now often seen in the pool. 
Our squad with UkraineArtStyle andRussian FederationSoNNeiko has been playing for a couple of months now. On the one hand, perhaps the guys haven't managed to fully open their potential and reach a fair level of teamplay. On the other hand UkraineNa`Vi players are considered to be one of the best players of their roles. Let's hope, that the squad has managed to take its courage in both hands over this week and focus on the game, since the trip to The International and possibly the future of the team are at stake. UkraineNa`Vi used to be famous for their fast-push strategies and aggressive game style in 2011. Who knows, maybe the new patch will be a chance for UkraineNatus Vincere.
So, dear fans of the Born to Win, let's cross our fingers and support our favourite team as never before! Let's be frank, we can't imagine The International without such guys as UkraineFunn1k, UkraineXBOCT and UkraineDendi. So go, UkraineNatus Vincere!
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