New heroes and battlegrounds by Blizzard

Blizzard couldn't come to Cologne empty-handed. Quite the opposite, they presented a whole lot of new interesting things and announced three new Heroes and a new Battleground for Heroes of the Storm.


“Infernal shrines”

“Infernal shrines” is a new battleground presented by Blizzard. It looks quite similar to the well-known “Battleground of Eternity”, as it is also Diablo-themed. The map can be divided into two parts — Hell and Heaven, and three lanes for heroes to fight. The battleground features three shrines and a new character — Punisher demon — that can be summoned thanks to them.




New heroes

Developers revealed peculiarities of their new character, monk Kharazim. He is a versatile support, the first one on the list of characters from Diablo III universe, that has all skills to effectively heal his teammates and destroy his enemies. He has incredible flexibility that allows him to choose the role of either a strong warrior or a great healer. Abilities:

  • Radiant Dash (Q) makes Kharazim teleport to any allied or enemy Hero.
  • Breath of Haven (W) heals the hero himself and all his allies nearby.
  • Deadly Reach (E) increases damage.
  • Divine Palm puts a friendly Hero in Stasis and heals 80% of his health if he is killed
  • Seven-Sided Strike hits one or multiple enemies at target area seven times, while Kharazim is invulnerable.



Another new hero is Rexxar, accompanied by his loyal bear Misha. He’s going to be the first warrior able to deal weapon damage. His companion can be controlled only with the help of Hero’s abilities, unlike lost Vikings that can be controlled directly.

  • Spirit Swoop (Q) sends out a Hawk that slows enemy heroes down and deals damage.
  • Misha, Charge! (W) makes companion attack the enemies and stun them.
  • Mend Pet (E) heals both Hero and his pet, increases Misha’s health by 40%.
  • First heroic ability: Bestial Wrath Misha’s size and damage.
  • Second heroic ability: Unleash the Boars sends out boars that attack enemy Heroes, slowing them and dealing considerable damage.



The third new hero is Artanis, a representative of StarCraft universe. We don't know much about him apart from the fact that he is the first warrior from this universe and that he will have a few abilities that will deal considerable damage to opponents. Now the only thing we have seen is his in-game model.


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