New champ select goes live on the 13th


Finally the new "champ select" will go live, initially only in NA & TR for testing in Normal Draft and Ranked on January 13, 2016 - if all goes according to plans, it will be also rolled out in other territories over the following days. The old Team Builder queue was created back in 2013; it had many flaws but served as a testing platform for the new system. The Team Builder helped individual people to successfully play the champion they wanted in their preferred role, but overall it wasn’t of great help to create synergies and combos for the team, unless you queued as a premade. Finally, it also had the flaw to create long queue times because the team had to wait for a proper champion to fit the last remaining role (how many people prefer to play carry over a support?) The purpose of the new champ select is to solve all these problems, so let’s explore it.
Now you will be asked to select two positions out of top, jungle, mid, bottom, support and fill - fill means that you will play any position that is necessary for the team, players that fill are considered very valuable because usually they are cooperative and with them the chance of multiple people arguing over the same position drops almost to 0. Selecting two positions the queue times will be greatly reduced and you will still have the chance to play what you prefer. The primary choice will have more weight for the matchmaking, making it more likely for you to land there.
Everyone will select their position on the map at the same time and you will able to speak with your teammates using the chat. 
The third phase is called Pick Intent because everyone will choose the champion that they want to play. Your choice will be highlighted for your teammates in order to avoid possible harming bans and increase the chances to create synergies and combos.
Each player will select their champion one at a time, and if your team has first pick, the opposing team will select two champions afterwards. While the first two players will have priority on champs selection, the last three will receive one ban each. Now it is required to lock in your choices - if a player fails to lock in a pick or a ban, the champ select ends and the players are returned to queue. The player that failed to lock will be punished in the same way as queue dodgers. 
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