New Na`Vi courier!


"Its fur is blue, so beautiful, like an angel in disguise"... Meet the new courier by Ukraine Natus Vincere! Our new friend will always assist his master and deliver all the entrusted items safe and sound, whether it's cheap Iron Branch or expensive Divine Rapier! The racoon will overcome any obstacle. It will even fly it over, if necessary!

Thiago Vidotto is a well known creator of many works, including Beaver Knight courier for Netherlands SingSing  and a set for Antimage in cooperation with China BurNing. Now Thiago Vidotto presents his new work. Any fan of Natus Vincere can go to the official page in Steam workshop and vote for the introduction of the courier in game. Let's support Ukraine Na`Vi together!


Yellow eyes, tiny nose. Have you ever seen a flying racoon?


What does racoon say?!


Hard life on the battlefield!


Dying in the battlefield can be hard


Thiago Vidotto's page on Facebook

Official website of Thiago Vidotto

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#1 ph Sonya 25 July 2015, 19:43
This is awesome (y)
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Counter-Strike 1.6
#2 ua Electroheart 25 July 2015, 19:52
Its cool, but i think it looks like previous one.
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