Valve launches new streaming service


Valve has presented a new streaming service for Dota 2 matches broadcast. It is still being beta tested but should be released any time soon. Currently all attention is focused on the most popular streamers, but the service is already available for everybody who wants to create a live match broadcast.


The main peculiarity of this watch panel is its Dota 2 orientation. This aspect makes it different from all other streaming platforms. It has a few nice features that would definitely come in handy during interesting TI2015 matches. Apart from the chat-window, it has the special tabs with the minimap and players’ statistics. You can hide them or open the one you are interested in anytime you want.


In addition, the service has a useful rewinding system that allows you to find anything you need in one click. You can use it whenever you like and even start watching the stream from the beginning while it is still live. 


The final version of the service has to be released right before The International 2015, as it will be used to broadcast the tournament. As far as the future expectations are concerned, this system may become an essential part of all events and bring Dota 2 broadcasting to a whole new level. 


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