New hero and map added to HotS


Do you love Blizzard the way we do? 'Cause we didn't get enough sleep on Saturday night watching Blizzard's stream, which announced a new map and a hero in HotS. Now we've got him - the mighty and terrifying Butcher we've struggled with for so many times in Diablo. Another pleasant novelty is a heaven-hell map of the same Universe.


Many of us expected the Butcher to be the second player with a hook. However, Blizzard decided to design his abilities in a different way. The community is now divided: some support the developer's solution, while others think that Butcher is useless without a hook. What do you think?



As concerns the map, it sends you straight into the eternal confrontation of the High Heavens and the Burning Hells, the nephalem witnessed in the Acts III and IV of Diablo III. It is up to you to decide the winner of the battle. Will it be the good or the evil? Help the Angel to defeat the Demon and it will fight by your side. Help the Demon and it will be your ally for some time.




The record of the Stream:


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