Meet new Na'Vi's uniform


Cybersportive club Natus Vincere presents a new design of its official uniform. As you can see on the picture Na’Vi is returning to its corporate colors. Do you remember Na’Vi’s first uniform? It was black and yellow! So the whole rebranding campaign can be called “Back to Black”.


"Will the new uniform be sold?" you'd ask. Yes it will be! We cannot tell you the precise date, but you will be have opportunity to buy it from our partners in the beginning of August. The stores to purchase corporate Na’Vi jerseys and the dates will be announced soon.


Official uniform for all Natus Vincere teams


We also present the uniform of the United States Minor Outlying IslandsNa'Vi US, the division which has only Dota2 team so far. Na'Vi US will play in this uniform at the next tournament.


Na`Vi.US official uniform

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#21 id TianHoki 5 July 2014, 16:33
Good and Look great. I wish i have this jersey
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#22 ph jler204 7 July 2014, 18:10
Ti4 to navi!
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#23 my kekelat 7 July 2014, 23:03
I like this jersey! Its a new era for.natus vincere now! Go win T14 guys!!!!
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#24 ph ninjeje 10 July 2014, 06:53
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