Report system improvements


The Nexus universe will be updated very soon, and an upcoming patch promises to be extremely exciting. It will bring a new hero, legendary hunter Rexxar, and various other improvements that will make the game even more pleasant to use. One of the most important updates that will be featured is the improvement of a report system. HotS developers have been working on since the previous patch, but only now it will become more or less fair. The number of report categories will be increased, and the system will start to track those who report baselessly, punishing them.


With those new categories, the players will be able to help draw attention to the users that have an offensive nicknames and behaviour, are intentionally feeding, spamming, hacking, cheating or staying AFK. By the way, this system will consider the information from the reported player’s profile before punishing, so all Murchal fans don’t have to worry about being reported because of an intentional feed.


Also, the new patch will feature punishments concerned with the in-game chat communication. The guilty players will not be able to leave messages in general chat, and communicate with players outside their friend-list.  However, the will still be able to answer private messages from other users and talk through a group chat, as well as accept new friend requests. The duration of such penalties will be increased gradually: the first one will last only 1 day, while all the next ones will be twice as big as the one before.

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