Impact of the new Valve's rules on Dota 2


We're a couple of days away from the moment which will put an end to late Summer reshuffles in Dota 2 teams, which comes straight after The International. After 5 September any  changes in the teams aspiring to get to Valve's Majors will be available no more. Well, they will surely be able to reshuffle, but Valve will immediately punish such actions by withdrawing invite to the main part of the tournament or regional qualifiers. The team, which violates Valve's reshuffle restriction, will only be able to participate in the open qualifiers. Getting through the open qualifiers will be tough even for a top team, since all the matches are held in bo1 format. It is pretty similar to Russian roulette. Summing up, we can be pretty sure, that none of the teams will test their luck by reshuffling during the season. Note that these rules are first introduced in Dota 2.


We wonder, what disappointed Sylar that much?
The alike rules were applied before within the framework of TI. The team, which received invite to the main Dota 2 event of the year had no right  to change its squad, if it wanted to keep the slot in the main part of the tournament. The Chinese top team China once did it in 2013. Due to the conflict between China Sylar and China LongDD, the latter was forced to leave the team and was subsequently replaced by China DD. This event was widely discussed by the community and the fans. Valve reacted immediately and withdrew the invite from the star five. As a result, China was replaced by China TongFu and had to get through the qualifiers. Eventually China they made it to the main event, but still Sylar put the team under the risk of not fighting over the largest prize pool of the year.
One year later a similar case happened. International Fnatic underwent an internal drama with their player Sweden Era, who currently plays in Sweden Ninjas in Pyjamas. Due to the illness Sweden Era had to miss a number of official matches. Sweden Excalibur replaced him while his seek leave. Sweden Era claimed that he recovered and was ready to join the team, before The International 2014. However, his teammates decided that playing with Sweden Excalibur will be more reliable, since they haven't played with Sweden Era for a long time.



Excalibur didn't manage to get to The International
Fnatic found themselves in the middle of a scandal, which was finally decided by Valve. The company decided to support Sweden Era. Valve representatives claimed that International Fnatic will lose its invite, if the player doesn't participate in The International 2014. The team didn't dare to break the rule and had to say goodbye to Sweden Excalibur. This resulted in a very poor performance of the team at the event. They didn't make it to the main stage. Straight after TI 2014, Fnatic got disbanded. Perhaps, if Sweden Excalibur had replaced Sweden Era then, things would've been different for International Fnatic. Anyway, indirectly Valve influenced both the team's results at TI and its further destiny. Now Valve won't have to make such decisions. All the rules are written and the teams are informed in this respect.
The fans of Dota 2 will also benefit from the introduced rules. Many of them support not only the teams, but also the players. Many top players are media personalities with powerful fan bases. When some players leave their teams, their fans are worried, that these players won't manage to find a new team or get to the top tier roster.  As of now, after 5 September everyone will be pretty sure that their favorite players will stay in the team, at least until the Major ends. 


1 day remains for the teams to announce their final rosters
Additionally, the players have time for adaptation. First of all it concerns young talents, who will enter the professional Dota 2 scene for the first time. For example Russian Federation Ivan "ubah" Kapustin, the new player of Russian Federation Team Empire. He has been approved as an official player. Ivan is likely to face some difficulties, since he hasn't played Dota 2 at the professional level before (except for acting as a stand-in at Ukraine Natus Vincere). In the battle with the established players, he migh make mistakes and end the game with poor statistics. However, he can be sure that his underachievement won't be followed by immediate kick off.  He can also work on his mistakes for 3 months, get used to the game styles of the rivals. Everything depends on him now. All he needs to do is to take advantage of the opportunity he got.
However, there's another side of the coin. A player might fail to withstand the pressure put on him, or the circumstances will force him to put away his mouse for a while. What should a team do in such situation? It's easy: use replacement players instead. In accordance to the regulations, each team has a right to announce 2 replacement in the squad. These players shouldn't be the members of other teams, which is logical. One star replacement player is already known. If any of the United States Evil Geniuses gets sick, he will be replaced by Sweden Zai for a while. One can't help envying EG: its squad consists of 6 top players. 


Ludwig is used to the uniform of Evil Geniuses
Anyway, there aren't that many top players, which will eagerly act as stand-ins. At least the quantity of top teams is greater than the quantity of free top players. That's why some teams will be forced to take perspective newcomers as replacement players. For the youngsters it is a great chance to breakthrough to the pro scene. 
The introduced rules are also favorable for the second tier teams. The squads of the mixes (with such players as Germany Kuroky, France 7ckngMad, Netherlands SingSing) have been already announced. In the past such team could be disbanded in a couple of weeks after creation. Now, the players will have to stick together for 3 months at least. This time is enough for some teams to solve their inner issues and for players to achieve a good teamplay and synergy. What if a pro team will emerge on Dota 2 scene, which would've been disbanded but for Valve's regulation.
That's how we see the impact of new Valve rules. What do you think? Share your opinion in comments!
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