No roster changes for Na`Vi.G2A


We are in the middle of the post-TI6 transfer period and Born to Win's fans questioned us if the roster will be undergoing changes. This same inquiry has been surrounded by rumors after the conclusion of the championship in Seattle, many people have been wondering if the team will be facing the shuffle, but fortunately those were only rumors. We are glad to announce that Ukraine Natus Vincere.G2A will move into the new season with the same roster. 
The International has always been considered the toughest exam that culminates a long tiresome year of Dota 2, but this last edition led to a slight slump in morale for both our players and our loyal fans - sadly, the result of the tournament was the opposite of what most of them had expected. Nevertheless, after the end of the event most of the supporters agreed that the current roster hadn't fully unleashed its potential and therefore we prefered to not implement any change to the team, which could potentially ruin the chemistry established in the past semester. We are really excited to share this news with our fans, Na`Vi won't change!



The team will face different new tournaments in the near future and the players will start practicing soon to solidify and improve the work already started during the past year. We believe that Born to Win will be able to surprise their fans showing improved performances in the next Valve events. Cheer for Ukraine Natus Vincere! The players need your support!


Read what Ukraine Yevhen "HarisPilton" Zolotarov, Na`Vi eSports Director, has to say:


"Considering all roster shuffles happening lately, I would like to put our fans’ mind at rest. We had an option of breaking everything and then building a team from scratch, but we chose to work on our mistakes. The roster will not be changed, and I am very happy about it. We believe in our boys and will do everything we can to delight you with some new victories. Sorry to those who are not happy about this decision.” 


Ukraine Igor “caff” Sidorenko, Na`Vi Dota 2 manager:


“The road to victory cannot be paved with simple solutions. I am glad that we chose to analyze what we did wrong and try to fix that. We grew stronger.”


Natus Vincere G2A roster

Ukraine Dendi Russian Federation SoNNeikO Ukraine ArtStyle Russian Federation Ditya Ra Ukraine GeneRaL
Danil Ishutin Akbar Butaev Ivan Antonov Dmitry Minenkov


Viktor Nigrini


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