Test update of 11 November


On 24 November the new patch will be released on all the servers of Heroes of the Storm. Those, who can't wait for the patch, can trial it the test world. The patch will introduce a new battleground, minor changes of a couple of heroes and a number of the bugs fixed.


New battleground Towers of Doom will bring a new mechanics of the buildings operation. The map has invulnerable barricades, which won't let enemy heroes or minions inside. Only Towers can assist in destruction of the buildings. The towers can be destroyed, but they'd emerge again some time later to serve the team, which destroyed them. The towers can be controlled by the capture of the Altar. After the capture, all towers begin shooting the enemy. 



No changes have been introduced to user interface. The animation of Arthas and Stitch has been improved. The Icon of Q ability of Muradin has been renewed. The In-Game Score Screen will now show two columns: Kills and Assists instead of one Takedown. Kills will be earned for the last hit on the enemy. Meanwhile Assist will be earned for standing nearby, when kill is made. Some tooltips provide more data now, namely about the delays, charges gained, etc.


Of all the heroes, Uther suffered the most from the patch amendments. The duration of his spirit's life is 2 seconds less. His heroic ability Divine Shield is recharged 20 seconds longer. Kharazim being slightly improved, the paladin's might drop. Leoric was also improved. His W ability recharges faster and isn't cancelled with the Stun.


Read the full list of changes on the game's official website.

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