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Your girlfriend has went to her graduation in a Na`Vi jersey, Buddy has fallen asleep in our cap and your father collects SteelSeries Na`Vi mousepads by attaching them to the wall? And you haven’t got anything on a photo? You’ve just missed a chance to win a cool prize. Anyway, we’ve decided to give you a second chance.


All you need is a camera, any Na`Vi item (a SteelSeries mouse, mousepad, headphones, our T-shirt, jersey, cap or a Kingston HyperX memory or SSD), a friend and an inspiration. Don't have any item? Then draw a cool poster with Na`Vi logo or with your favorite players from the team! You can replace the friend with a tripod. Now get out of your house and find a place to get an unusual photo with a Na`Vi device. Done? Send it to contest [at] with "NaVi contest" subject and wait to be contacted if you’re the winner!


Contest details:


  • You have to make a photo of yourself with any Na`Vi Edition devide of apparel and send it to contest [at] with "NaVi contest" subject;
  • The photos applied for the contest should be creative. We value out-of-the box thinking and that factor will be decisive when choosing the ultimate winners. Please do not send us just photos of you wearing or holding our products. Be as much creative as you can. And no, by creativeness we do not mean your dog in Na`Vi cap or your cat playing with Sensei [RAW] Na`Vi Edition. We believe you can do more!
  • Only one photo per contestant is applied. If you send us few photos, we'll randomly select just one. And it might not be the best one, so just send us THE BEST ONE you have.
  • The best photos will be uploaded to contest gallery on our Facebook and pages.
  • Na`Vi staff and players will choose the final winners who send us the most creative and interesting photos. Community voting may apply if we receive a numerous amount of good works.
  • Stage 1 of the contest starts on October, 24th and concludes on November, 11th. We will announce the winners or launch Stage 2 (Community Voting) by November, 17th. The ultimate winners will be announced no later than November, 20th.
  • The prize pool for the contest features 4x (four) SteelSeries Sensei [RAW] Na`Vi Edition mice. There will be 2x (two) winners announced on our Facebook page and 2x (two) announced on our page.




We're waiting for your photos, good luck and may the force be with you! <3

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