A new set for Bounty Hunter from Funn1k

Another set for Bounty Hunter has hit the Steam Workshop this month, but this time it was Funn1k who had his hand in the creative process. This guy knows firsthand what a real bounty hunter needs. 




Once your Bounty Hunter puts on the gear from the "Hunter with No Name" set, he will show his true wild-west inspired colors. An Eastwood-like hero that has no mercy for his enemies and is ready to kill anyone who has a bounty on their head. But the most saddening part for his opponents is the fact that the unnamed hunter selects his bounty victims on his own and marks them with a new Track animation.     




If you like the “Hunter with No Name” set, you can help introduce it to Dota 2. All you need to do is vote for it in the Workshop.

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