New video-content from Na`Vi base

imageNight before the IEM5 European Championship we visited the training base of image Na`Vi and filmed few interesting videos. Unforunately we do not have English subtitles yet (if anyone is willing to help us translating videos, we and community will be much grateful for you!) but talked to Na`Vi playes about New Year celebration, IEM5 predictions, most dangerous teams and so on. Moreover you'll get to know how Starix practices his aim, what Zeus cooks and what was that mysterious rabbit mask in our latest video. So don't forget to check our "VIDEO" section and youtube-channel natusvincereTV for more updates.
New video content:

Rabbit-Zeus @ Na`Vi`s traning base
markeloff & Zeus about IEM perfomance
Zeus & Esenin @ Na`Vi`s traning base

Na`Vi.ceh9 about celebrating New Year
starix plays missionred

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