Natus Vincere featured on national Ukrai


Hey mom, Na`Vi is on TV! All jokes aside, we're once again featured on national Ukrainian television at "Channel 5" during the evening news. 

Here's a short segment of the interview - the intro before the actual start of the video:
"How to make a million playing computer games? Ask young Ukrainian gamers called Na`Vi. This award-winning e-sports team is four-time world champion in Counter-Strike discipline and two-time world champion in DotA. They've won more than $1,5 million in 2 years and they promise to double this amount by the end of August.

image XBOCT, image ZeroGravity and image starix were the ones to take the weight on their shoulders and answer a few questions. They did their best to showcase our e-Sports community in a good light and we sincerely hope that you will like the plot! 

Have fun watching the interview! 


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