June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: Puppey

Welcome to another edition of Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers. This time NaVi-Gaming.com decided to collect all the data regarding each of the players. By reading this series of articles you'll be able to find out not only who's getting banned (or picked) the most by the Na`Vi players, but also the average values for their XPM, GPM, and K/D/A as well as the other relevant information concerning their play.

Factoring in the volume of this data, it was decided to publish this articles as a series one-by-one, first of which goes to the captain Klement "Puppey" Ivanov. Enjoy reading and may the Force be with you. The Dark Force.

Last month, Natus Vincere played a whole lot of the official matches (perhaps, even more than any other team out there). Let's take a look at how often Na`Vi managed to walk away from the battlefield with a victory.

On average, every game was almost 33 minutes long while the total length of the 50 games equals 1,632 minutes or 27.2 hours. In other words, have they been played in a non-stop fashion, the players had had to fight for more than a day without a break. Only one of these matches was held with a stand-in: Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin and Alexander "XBOCT" Dashkevich were substituted by rmN and Alex. Natus Vincere finished this game with a 2-1 score in their favor.


It's time to get back to the hero of this article and look at the heroes he used last month:

As you can see, the usage productivity of the "uncommon" heroes, so to speak, is around 50%. Let's find out in which games Klement picked those rare heroes and how did it affect the game.


ES was picked in the match against 4FC. It became one of the easiest victories for Natus Vincere in the previous month. The game which took place during the regular online-season of the SLTV league led to a 57-12 score in favor of Natus Vincere while Klement had one of his most prominent matches during that month statistic-wise: 7 kills, 1 death, and 33 assists.


Enigma became an ultimate answer for team Dignitas during the second map of the Dreamhack Summer 2013 quarterfinals. Despite the fact that Puppey wasn't able to make a single kill with this hero (statistics: 0 kills, 1 death, and 4 assits), Natus Vincere celebrated the victory in the end. The third map saw Klement experimenting once again by picking Lycan. Unfortunately, the success of the previous game couldn't have been repeated and the Americans got their ticket to the semifinal while Klement's stats for the game ended up being 3 kills, 4 deaths, and 6 assists.


It came as a surprise but the next experiment was held during the match versus Dignitas once again (but this time - online). Klement decided to go with Dragon Knight. It was one of the shortest games of Na`Vi in June as the lasted only 15 minutes during which Klement couldn't kill anyone and died 7 times. DK - no luck, let's go with Puck. That's exactly what should have thought Na`Vi's captain right after the previous experiment but this time he got it right. One of the most successful games of Klement in June it was: GPM - 405, XPM - 506, finishing off creeps - 175, 4 kills, 2 deaths, and 14 assists. Finally, Klement proved himself in the last game against Dignitas where he picked Punga and showed up with the following statistics: GPM - 454, XPM - 449, finishing off creeps - 222.


Nevertheless, the last rare pick was seen during the match versus iG when the whole team looked quite sloppy following Puppey's "lead" with 5 deaths, 0 kills, and 5 assists.


As we've been talking about the XPM, GPM, and creeps killing in this article, it's time to announce them and also mention the extremes for these stats.

Klement appeared to be the most blood thirsty in the first game of the previous month where Na`Vi's opponents were Power Rangers. The captain of the team managed to perform a devil's dozen of kills against them. The least famous game for him was against Evil Geniuses in D2L where he "choked" 11 times. The match with the most number of assists became the one against 4FC as we've already mentioned.


Having said all of the above, we know almost everything about how Klement was doing in those 50 games. It's time to finally take a look at the top-5 items which he used (except for Arcane Boots, of course).

That's all, folks. For today. Stay tuned for the numbers for the rest of the players!

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