June for Na`Vi.DotA2 in numbers: Funn1k

We would like to present you the second article of the series called "Natus Vincere in Numbers". Last time we analyzed the data of the team captain from the matches in June. Today we're gonna talk about Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov. We would like to remind you that the information about the total number of games (won and lost) by Na`Vi can also be found in the previous article.


Gleb's in-game position is a difficult line where he is often found playing against two or three enemies. His main objective is to slowdown the development of the opposing carry-hero when his "triple" comes to his line. Gleb doesn't have too much room to do anything when his team is outnumbered. Almost all of his actions in such situations become controlled and his main objective shifts towards simply surviving. If this is the case, Funn1k oftentimes goes to the forest leaving his line undefended. As a result, the towers on his line get shutdown by the fifth or seventh minute into the match. The critical stats for his success indication are XPM, GPM and finishing off creeps. Here are the numbers:

Let's take a close look at the peak games of Gleb. Our hero hit the bottom in terms of XMP in the second game of the semifinals at Dreamhack Summer 2013 where Natus Vincere were facing team Dignitas. Funn1k was playing clockwerk and confronted with the enemy "triple" which consisted of Luna, 2hD and Treant. Gleb was able to grind some gold and experience thanks to Rocket Flare but in the end his placed last statistically. This was caused by the fact that he handed the first kill to the enemies. Despite the record breaking low XPM of Gleb, the team managed to win that game. Funn1k's overall statistics ended up with 0 kills, 1 death and 5 assists.


Speaking of GPM, Funn1k "sinked" once again in China during the first game of the group stage in the Alienware tournament where Natus Vincere had to play TongFu. In that match the situation for Gleb became even worse as he faced Spectre, Enchantress and Visage on his difficult line. The Chinese managed to open up the score in their favor on the second minute of the match thanks to their smart moves with Enchantress' slowdown abilities. Losing with a 12-2 score on the 15th minute into the match, Na`Vi decided to give up. Gleb showed 0 kills, 2 deaths and 1 assist.


Let's move onto the games where Funn1k performed his best in June. We'll start with XPM which hit its ceiling in the match versus RoX.KiS during the regular season. This time Funn1k had a lot of opportunities to make some noise in the forest. He didn't want to push his luck against Gyrocopter, Bane and Enchantress. That's why he went to the forest with his Furion and for the first time came to the line without losing a tower only after reaching the fourth level. Nine minutes into the match, Midas and Shadow Blade led to RoX.KiS' towers falling apart like the house of cards. The final statistics of the mentioned match: 9 kills, 6 deaths, 13 assists and 1 rapier.


Talking about the highest GPM, Gleb reached the maximum value in June in the game against Empire during The Defense. Once again, Gleb headed to the forest ignoring the enemy triple consisting of PL, Bane and Kotl, and started to work on the neutrals. Midas was obtained on the ninth minute of the game (nowadays it's quite a common thing for every Furion's Shadow Blade), and the towers of the opponents began to fall again. This time Gleb's stats looked better: 11 kills, 4 deaths, 16 assists. No rapiers, unfortunately.


Factoring in all this data, it's becoming obvious that two best games of Gleb in terms of GPM and XPM were played while using Furion in the forest. In fact, there are only two such heroes for Gleb - Dark Seer and the mentioned Furion. Now, let's take a look at how wide was the pool of Funn1k last month and which heroes did he use in the games where Na`Vi came out victorious.


We saw most of these heroes used by Funn1k but some of them aren't quite typical. For example, Viper and Rubick are at least questionable picks. So, here are the stats for the games where Funn1k picked "unorthodoxly" odd heroes for himself:

There's no doubt that one of such games was the rivalry in the group stage of the Alienware event between Natus Vincere and team Orange. Quite a transparent idea about picking Beatmaster while playing Dire led to Orange blocking the Ancient spawn, and it was impossible to hold on the line against Silencer, NYX and Alchemist. Thanks to creeps, Funn1k got to the second level only five minutes into the game. On the other hand, thanks to those same creeps, the Asians managed to kill Gleb almost at the second tower taking down the first one shortly. As a result, Gleb's basic plan for the hero failed hard by the sixth minute of the match. The Asian team paid only 150 gold for the complete elimination one of the Na`Vi players which lasted up to the 11th minute of the game when Funn1k finally got the sixth level. Watching the match one could almost feel that Gleb was really uncomfortable with the support hero which couldn't affect the game almost in any way. The final stats for Funn1k in that match: 4 kills, 7 deaths, 6 assists.


The second untypical pick was Viper which happened during the first game versus iG in the group at Alienware. Basically, it was the only nominal carry of Na`Vi in that match. Gleb was lucky to get the easy line where he faced iG.YYF with Furion. Despite the annoying trees, Funn1k managed to win his line by slowing down the enemy around the tower and outnumbering him in LS almost 4 times. In the farming phase Gleb confidently gathered the most gold but shortly after moving into the gangs stage his was caught up by Furion and Naix. So basically Funn1k couldn't realize the potential advantage of the farm and ultimate from the first 10 minutes of the game, even despite the fact that he had a lot of room to work with (unlike the BM match).


It's time for us to find out the totals for Gleb's kills, deaths and assists for June 2013:

Let's analyze the three games during which Funn1k reached his peak performance for each stat.


In June Gleb played two matches where he died 9 times per game, but it's interesting that Na`Vi won one of those games and lost the other one. The first game (the lost one) happened during the quarterfinals against Dignitas where Funn1k played BH. After arriving at the hard line our hero discovered aui_2000, fogged and waytosexy who were playing morpling, jakiro and enchantress respectively. The beginning of the game seemed bright for Funn1k as he was able to drive one pack of the creeps away across the river to his tower and instantly get the second level. Anyhow, the enemies didn't try hard to counter the audacious Bounty Hunter, even though they put Sentry Ward on the line on the second minute of the match. Funn1k was cautious and used every possible moment to go to the forest and steal the neutrals from farming Jakiro. It was around 4 minutes into the game when Sentry Ward decided Funn1k's destiny, so he headed to tavern leaving the first kill to Aui_2000.


When watching the game most people could feel its critical difference from the two described previously. While playing BM Gleb couldn't use the hero because of the constant pressure (thanks to not-so-clever Viper) but BH was used up to its full potential. By the 10th minute of the game Universe who was playing Dark Seer was 500-600 gold behind Funn1k. Despite the confident start and actions BH doesn't count as a key hero (unlike, for example, Bartider and Dark Seer). At the end of the day Gleb finished with the following stats: 4 kills, 9 deaths, 6 assists.


The second game was the last between Na`Vi and EG during the group stage of the RaidCall D2L tourney. Gleb got to use Lich the obvious objective of which was to cut the experience of the opposing carry with the help of Sacrifice. The plan didn't work out well enough as the enemy "triple" went to the hard line, and Gleb had to face Bamboe with Dark Seer. Because of the third spell of his hero Funn1k almost managed to obtain the seventh level on the eighth minute of the match while the opponent barely passed the sixth level. Gleb's LS was almost on the same level as the opponent's (Faceless Void): 37 against 41. By the 20th minute into the match Funn1k held the second spot of grinding the gold being only a few steps behind his carry but leading ahead the opposing QoP and Dark Seer. Having gathered Mekansm, Aghanim and Ghost Scepter, Gleb went all-in to finish the game with Heaven's Halberd and Sanger&Yasha with the following statistics: 5 kills, 9 deaths, 16 assists.


The most blood thirsty match for Gleb in June was against 4FC which led to a 57-12 score in favor of Natus Vincere. This game can also be attributed to the group of matches where Funn1k played the untypical hero because that time it was Rubick. Gleb was standing on the easy line where he went somewhat crazy by not only purchasing Dagon but also by upgrading him to the last level. Perhaps, that's what allowed Funn1k to reach his killing peak in that match: 13 kills, 3 deaths, 8 assists.


Nevertheless, the most impressive performance by Gleb was witnessed during the game against Virtus.pro in RaidCall D2L which ended up with a 78-37 score in favor of Natus Vincere. Playing Batrider, Funn1k went to the difficult line but having faced only Ksi with Furion singlehandedly turned it into an easy one. After obtaining the sixth level Gleb started to furiously fly across the map and destroy his enemies finishing the match with some impressive stats: 10 kills, 6 deaths, 33 assists.


Now, we've taken a look at almost everything except for the Funn1k's top-5 items. Here they are:

Darth Vader would like to bring your attention to the fact that the data for this article was gathered by JeyDi which will grant him the right to touch the Dark Side of the Force. Stay tuned for more, as the series will be continued by the numbers analysis of Daniil "Dendi" Ishutin next time.

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