Blog by b2ru: one day of StarSeries ХIII finals


Hello, my friends! This is my second photoblog of the working day. This time it is about the finals of StarSeries XIII, namely the first day of the LAN tournament. Ok, let's go!


My morning began at 9 o'clock. I had a very quick breakfast and put on my clothes. I had to iron my t-shirt.



Morning selfie!



A glimpse at Kyiv subway. 



After a 40 minutes trip I finally reached our splendid Arena!



The games haven't begun yet, but the viewers are taking their seats.



Casters are one of the main figures at any eSports event, they create the emotions for the audience.



English speaking casters.



The symbol of victory - champion's cup!




It's 11 o'clock in the morning and I'm busy doing things. The emotions of audience are fierce. The first match of the tournament is played by two European teams — and FranceEnVyUs.



Surprizingly to the most of viewers, the Bulgarians showed their best performance and managed to defeat the favorite of the tournament — FranceEnVyUs.



Next was CISHellRaisers, which was most warmly welcomed at the event.



Here are their Polish rivals - PolandGamers2.



This very moment Russian Federationseized was spotted in the hall. The fans surrounded him and asked for the autographs and photos.



Straight after autograph session, Denis was captured to record a pre-match interview.



Meanwhile his teammates are preparing for the event.



UkraineZeus is the favorite of many gamers and a great captain!



It's time for our guys to show their power! Their first rival is UkraineFlipSid3.



I wonder what they tell each other before the game?



A vase with fan bets for UkraineNa`Vi.



This very moment I interview the player of BulgariaGplay.bgnkl.



See this guy? He mostly remain unnoticed. However he's the head of our video production. UkraineVitaliy "sCOPe" Tarasov is my colleague, who is in charge for video production at Natus Vincere.



Hm... Nice shot, right?



It's about 11 o'clock in the evening, PolandGamers2 vs UkraineNa`Vi is the last match for today.



Recording interview with Ukraine Egor Markelov. As for me, it was very very interesting and nice.



The first day is coming to an end. I meet the guys of CISHellRaisers.



The games are over, it's late in the night and it's time to go home.



It's about 12 AM. The last photo of the day - me tired, yet smiling! I hope I managed to transmit the atmosphere of the tournament a bit. Thanks for your attention, guy and see you soon!


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