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Hello, dear readers! My name is Yana, a.k.a. b2ru, I'm 23 and I work as a reported at UkraineNa`Vi. I would like to share one day of my life with you, the one I spent in Shanghai during MarsTv Dota 2 League. So, without further ado, the calendar says 4 July 2015 and today is a second day of MDL LAN finals.


My day usually begins at half past eight, but I had a hard time trying to wake up today because of the jet lag, which resulted in me having a 20 minute lie-in.



First thing in the morning I wash up and brush my teeth.



After the morning procedures it is time to head for the breakfast. Stepping out of the suite, I notice our manager Zhenya. Why is he sitting on the floor? Well, that's a common thing. Nothing unusual, wi-fi connection is simply better in the corridor.



A couple of the hotel photos. We live on the fourth floor, so there's quite a view from up here!





Now it's time to have a breakfast. The restaurant is on the first floor, so I can take a couple of pictures of the hotel interior on my way there. 

Here's a view from our window. Sun is a rare guest in Shanghai, and today is not an exception.



There's a pet's corner in the lobby. And this is also a place of the best internet connection, so that is where I have spent quite a few evenings.



A couple of other photos of the hotel. This time you can see a courtyard, which is very green, quiet and calm.




Finally, here's our breakfast. It's a self-service buffet, so we can eat whatever we want. It was tough to pick something particular in the beginning.

So I had to walk around and look for something to stimulate the appetite.






I've chosen a fruit selection and chicken soup with noodles.



Soup tasted weird, but tiny mangos were delicious and made my day.



During the next days we were having breakfast in this summer area. The atmosphere there is so relaxing that we nearly reached the enlightenment.



Full and satisfied, I have half an hour to tidy myself. I'll start with having a shower.



Morning shower takes only five minutes, but gives an energy boost for the entire day.

And, of course, a selfie. I'm locked and loaded!



It's almost 10:30, time to go!



Everyone's ready, we are going to the tournament. The guys are up in arms.



 A bus from the hotel to the venue goes once every 30 minutes, but we decided not to wait and take a taxi.

The bus came earlier this time, but we have already taken the car.



On our way to the event. We live in a remote district of Shanghai. It is very calm and green, with little cars and people.




5 minutes have passed and we are on the spot. The event is taking place in a huge exhibition centre.





Here's a photo of the main stage.




It is ten past 11, and the games are about to begin.




And this is the main prize for the tournament, a Dota 2 Battle Fury!





This is a press room, where I spent most of my time.



Please meet Ukraine Vitalyk "sCOPe". He deals with the technical side of the shooting process. 



And this is my Achates of this event. We didn't part for a second there!



Shooting a review of the gaming area.



While we are filming, our boys are getting ready for the game.



This is Scarlett, she was helping us with everything at the event, from the Internet issues to delivering food from McDonald's straight into the player booth.




Half past four and it's time to have a bite.



The dinner was paid for by the even organizers. The food was rather exotic and difficult to eat. One should eat it bit by bit. Previously players have had some unpleasant consequences of eating Chinese. Thus, we are treading warily.



Next half an hour is dedicated to the video editing. 



In the meanwhile I'm preparing to the upcoming interviews with players and here's my rough piece. Players had a tough day, so the interviews are scheduled for tomorrow.



I decided to go for a walk and take a couple of photos, when I met some players.



"XBOCT" is keeping his chin up even after a loss.



This guy is a International Cloud 9 team manager. 



And a cult figure in the flesh, CanadaArteezy.



Doing my job: photographing and being photographed.



The time is 19 and the matches are over. The arena lies empty.



We have packed our things and are now waiting for the bus. Here it comes!



A late selfie.



We make a decision to eat at the hotel and thankfully there is some European food.



Playing billiards before going to bed.



After the games we head back to out suits and make a schedule together with some necessary preparations for tomorrow.



And one final selfie. It is around midnight and I'm doing some final procedures before going to sleep.



The next day is coming with some new interviews, content and emotions. Thank you for spending this time with me!



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