TechLabs Kiev 2012 Coverage

Hello everyone! Today we welcome you from TechLabs Kiev 2012 festival that is currently taking place in Kiev, Ukraine. As a part of the event, a special four-team Counter-Strike 1.6 tournament featuing image Natus Vincere.СS, image Virtus.proimage ESC-Gaming and image The matches are starting at 10:00 CET with the semifinals and finals commencing at approximately 14:00 CET. 


Below you will find the official stream (in Russian) and our video and photo content made from the event. Follow the coverage and cheer for Natus Vincere! 

VIDEOS from the event:




Prize pool:
1st place – image - 5000$
2nd place – image Natus Vincere - 3000$
3rd place – image ESC Gaming - 1500$
4th place – image Virtus.Pro - 500$

Counter-Strike Grand Final (bo1)


image Natus Vincere [13:16image @ tuscan


Counter-Strike Losers Final (bo1)


image [16:12] image ESC Gaming @ train


Counter-Strike Winners Final (bo1)


image Natus Vincere [19:17] image ESC Gaming @ de_dust2


Counter-Strike Losers Bracket (bo1)


image [12:16image @ de_inferno


Counter-Strike semifinals (bo1)


image Natus Vincere [16:05] image @ tuscan
image ESC Gaming [16:08] image @ de_dust2




image Na`Vi: Edward, starix, Zeus, ceh9, markeloff
image ESC Gaming: pasha, kuben, Loord, Neo, TaZ
image OverDrive, hally, Dosia, ROMJkE, Fox
image LeX, hooch, evil, xaoc, kucher


Event schedule:


09:00 CET

Starcraft II Finals; Counter-Strike semi-finals

11:00 CET

The official eSports festival start

12:00 CET

Bloodline Champions Finals; Counter-Strike 2nd semi-final

13:00 CET

Point Blank Final

14:30 CET

Counter-Strike Final

17:00 CET

World of Tanks Final

19:00 CET

Music band "CENTR" performance

20:30 CET

Awarding ceremony


Сounter-Strike schedule:





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