OGN The Champions starts for Na`Vi.LoL!


After announcing the invitation to one of the biggest League of Legends tournaments in the World, OGN The Champions Season 2, the day has come for our team to show what they are made of to the Korean public and rest of the World! It is safe to say that we are in one of the toughest groups with image Xenics Storm and image Startale. Today at 13:30 CEST they will play their first game versus one of the favourites of the tournament team image StarTale, but this will not be their only game of the day. An hour later (14:30 CEST) the second game versus image CJ netus will start. Make sure to tune in and support our League of Legends team in Korea! Go Na`Vi!


[Update] After losing the first game vs image StarTale, we have focused and ecured a win vs image CJ Netus. Thanks to the fans supporting us at home and awesome crowd in Korea! 




Groupstages are played in a Bo1 format.



The team has arrived in South Korea on 9th of July and they have been practicing all the time ever since. Today's games are very important as we need to win at least one of the games to have the opportunity of advancing to the play offs. Before leaving for the OGN Arena, we managed to get a short statement from our support player image Philipp 'SAND' Bennek:


"Today we are gonna face Startale and CJ Entus in the OGN Summer Season. Our training in Korea started with some dissapointments in the first few games, but the more we played the better we managed to handle the korean playstyle. In the recent training matches we had some really good and close games against several top teams, which mostly ended with a 1:1 in the end. In these training sessions we played for example teams like MVP(blue and white), LG, Azubu Frost and Clg.eu. We are very excited about our games this evening and feel well prepared. We tryed to find out as much as we could about our enemies and the korean fans were really helpfull and supported us with match records and personal observations about our enemies. Our aim is it to start with a 2:0 in the group, which would be a really important milestone to reach since Xenics Storm, who we meet in the last game, is supposed to be a Top 2 Team in Korea atm.

Tune in and support us when its time again for "NaVi fighting" like the koreans like to say. ;)


SAND ;)"




The arena

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