The International 2015: The oldest players


Today we decided to talk about the oldest players of The International 2015. They`ve got a great understanding of the game, can smartly analyze all challenges that come their way and have invaluable experience that can help them change everything. Will they be able to show their best at this year's tournament and compete with the younger opponents? Only time will tell. 



China Wang "SanSheng" Zhaohui


Age: 26
Date of birth: 26.06.1989

Team: China Newbee

Role: support


ChinaSangSheng is one of the last year’s International winners. His professional career kicked off in 2012 on China TongFu, the biggest achievement of which was the 4th place at The International 2013After two years there, he was invited to China Newbee along with a few other well-known players. Since then he`s been playing in one team with ChinaBanana and China Mu, and their cooperation helped them achieve some results  — 1st place and $ 5 000 000 prize at TI2014 are the best proof of this. But, of course, we can't forget about China xiao8 and China Hao's contribution to that win, whose preformances were the most outstanding that time.    


As far as this year's predictions are concerned, it is very difficult to say something for sure. After the decision to leave made by above-mentioned leaders, the team has experienced a serious downturn and shown pretty inconsistent performance this season. Nonetheless, they have received Valve's direct invitation and will take part in the tournament. The International has always been full of surprises, so it is hard to anticipate what will happen there. 


What is stopping guys from playing like they did at the last TI?




China Lu «Fenrir»Chao


Age: 26 

Date of birth: 18.01.1989

Team: China Vici Gaming

Role: support


China Lu «Fenrir»Chao is China Vici Gaming's "old-timer", who joined the team in 2012 and has seen more than 10 roster changes since then. Last year he experienced the excitement of being in the final of The International, but, unfortunately, his team lost toChina Newbee and secured the respected 2nd place. 


This year, the chances of the team are a bit higher, as  Germany Black^ was replaced by the former Newbee player China Hao and all language barriers were broken. In addition, the guys have quite a few cards up their sleeve. A support combo of ChinaFenrir and Chinafy, for instance, has been a great example of the team play and stability since its creation in 2012. And even though all recent results of the team were not that great, we shouldn’t underestimate the power of Chinese players.


China Fenrir shows how to play supports!




Ukraine Ivan «ArtStyle» Antonov


Age: 26

Date of birth: 20.04.1989

Team: Ukraine Natus Vincere

Role: support


The legendary UkraineNatus Vincere's captain Ivan Antonov is the next on our list. He started his professional career with UkraineWolk3r Gaming, but soon after joining his first team was invited to Na`Vi. His first steps there were extremely successful — what can be better than the first place at The International and $ 1 000 000 prize? In 2012 he finished his career and quit Dota for 2 years, but then reappeared as a part of Russian FederationRelax.


Now, he is in Natus Vincere again and feels ready to overcome all challenges on the way to the victory. With the help of his amazing leadership skills our guys have managed to regain their confidence and win European TI2015 qualifiers. We hope that Ivan will be able to win Aegis of Champions and a prize, which is 6 times bigger than in 2011, once again!




If you have missed this film about our captain, make sure to watch it now!




United States Clinton «Fear» Loomis


Age: 27

Date of birth: 19.02.1988

Team: United States Evil Geniuses

Role: carry


Clinton is one of the strongest players on the North American Dota scene. He is smart, experienced and versatile, which makes him one of the most wanted players for many esport organizations. United StatesFear started playing Dota 2 with InternationalOnline Kingdom, which placed 7th at The International 2011. In fact, Clinton’s TI experience helped Valve to create an exclusive “Free to Play” movie.


He has been with United StatesEvil Geniuses since the end of 2011, and certainly has some plans for TI2015. With a great combination of older experienced players and more risky younger ones, the team has pretty high chances to show their best performance and even win the tournament.


A popular "Free to Play" movie would be interesting for everybody, including those who are not that into Dota 2




China Xu «BurNing» Zhilei


Age: 27

Date of birth: 16.02.1988

Team: China Invictus Gaming

Role: carry


Funny fact: United StatesFear and ChinaBurNing were born only 3 days apart! Maybe, that's the reason why they are so good at playing carry-heroes?


Xu started his career as a professional player with ChinaTeam DK, and was a part of it during 4 years. He wasn't able to take part in the first International due to unstability and visa problems of DK roster. However, they were the first to get the invitation to TI2012, where they managed to reach the play offs and lost only to the future finalists — UkraineNatus Vincere and ChinaInvictus Gaming. BurNing has shown an amazing carry performance, having a 100 % Anti-Mage winrate.


The next tournament wasn’t that successful for the player. The team placed 5th-6th. After 4th place at TI2014, many players, including BurNing, have left Team DK and started looking for new opportunities. At first, Xu Zhilei played with ChinaBig God, but then joined The International 2012 winners ChinaInvictus Gaming


Anti-Mage can be really powerful in the mid and late game. 




Korea, Republic of Lee «Heen» Seung Gon


Age: 28

Date of birth: 28.02.1987

Team:Korea, Republic of MVP HOT6ix

Role: support


Probably, Lee Seung Gon is the most unexpected player on our list. Korea, Republic ofHeam is not that well-known among CIS Dota-fans, as he lives in the country where esports has only recently emerged and started its development.


He started his career in 2012 and has been playing as a support under the flags of Korea, Republic ofMVP organization since then. The only change made was his transition from Phoenix to HOT6ix due to some disagreements with the former teammates. As far as his future as a player is concerned, this or next year’s TI can be the last for Heen. However, his great understanding of the game and ability to analyze can make him a great caster or analyst.


Korea, Republic of Heen — is a great person to talk to!



China Wang «Banana» Jiao


Age: 26–27 (?)

Date of birth: unknown

Team: ChinaNewbee

Role: support


It is difficult to say how old Wang is as the date of his birth is unknown. Nonetheless, judging by TI 2013 and 2014 player cards, his approximate age is 26-27 years old. He has been playing in above-mentioned ChinaNewbee trio for three years. He, China Mu and China SanSheng are a great example of the perfect teammates that can understand each other without words and cooperate easily. As a result, they have won TI4 and the biggest prize in the history of esports. 


Before joining China Newbee, Banana played with International Online KingdomChina TongFu and China Invictus Gaming. As for TI2015, we are very excited to see what Wang and his team have prepared for its fans and how well they will perform after all those roster changes.



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