olo)Ash to join Natus Vincere as Na`Vi.D


The Starladder Season One has come to its logical end and once again we would like to congratulate everyone who was following image Na`Vi.DotA 2 success. In the process of making we could not done better but announce a new memeber of our Natus Vincere familiy who effectively contributed to the team's success. Today we want to announce our new DOTA 2 manager - image Dmitriy 'olo)Ash' Ugarov.


Taking into account Dmitriy's vast experience of the professional DOTA and DOTA 2 during his own performance both as a player and tournament admin and combined with his personal attitudes, he is the right man to join the rank of the world's best team. We believe that his new position will strenghten the team even more and our players will receive that level of treatment and organization that trutly professional team should provide. Below you will find a statement of our new manager.



DotA 2 team manager, image Dmitriy 'olo)Ash' Ugarov:


"I am really terrified to join the best multigaming organization in the world. I hope my knowledge and experience will help players to show excellent and steady performance and their results will please our fans and sponsors. As you know, there is a kid inside every man and one can stand without gaming. So finally my "hobby" comes to that new level!"


VIDEOINTERVIEW (Press CC for English subs):



DotA 2 Lineup:


image Clement 'Puppey' Ivanov (captain)
image Dmitriy 'LighTofHeaveN' Kupriyanov
image Alexander 'XBOCT' Dashkevich
image Daniil 'Dendi' Ishutin
image Sergey 'Smile' Revin
image Dmitriy 'olo)Ash' Ugarov (manager)

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#1 2 May 2012, 15:40
Было очевидно же
примазался еще на старладдере)
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