Poll of the week: Deja vu

We continue with our column covering the real life of Na`Vi's players, and today we bring you their answers to the following question:


Imagine that you can send back in the past a small piece of paper to your young self like in the movie "Deja Vu". What would you tell or advice yourself back in the days considering all the knowledge and experience that you have right now?


Same as last time, we have CS:GO and DotA2 players answered this question. You will find their replies below.


CS:GO squad

Sergey "starix" Ischuk:

I would warn myself about that accident with enix to prevent it from happening and to save his life.


Note: Sergey "enix" Litvinenko, the ex-captain of the Ukrainian team A-Gaming, died in early August 2009 in an accident at some storage with building materials (Sergey got pressed down with the panels). Starix and enix used to play together during several years in the past.


Arseniy "ceh9" Trinozhenko:

In reality gamers (like most other people), especially professionals,  think about their mistakes and failures in a way that they torture themselves for them over and over again in their desperate attempts to understand what went wrong in order to avoid making them in the future. One of the phrases I used to say to my team mates before some important match in a tournament was: "Ok guys, let's give this match our best to win it, to not have any regrets the day after that, to not think that we could've won it if somebody would've killed someone, etc."


Sometimes it helped, sometimes it didn't but in general my point is that what separates a true professional from just a good player is the ability to perform quick analysis of what just happened in the game and focus on what's coming up next because those thoughts about the past will only cause distraction preventing you from solving the necessary tasks. So the bottom line will be this: give it your best and don't delve into the past when something goes wrong - be present and think about the future!



DotA2 players

Clement "Puppey" Ivanov:

I would write my young self the following line: "All you will ever need to achieve greatness in eSports is a computer and your mother."
Danil "Dendi" Ishutin:
I would advice myself to overtake the role of the captain and to pick Pudge in every single game! I would also leave supports to XBOCT for him to suffer!
Gleb "Funn1k" Lipatnikov:
I would tell myself to become a workshopper. In LoL.
Bonus: Try to guess a player who answered the following:
Don't play DotA. Play LoL - more moneyz.
That's it for today, folks. Next time we'll try to get more answers from more players. As always, you are more than welcome to suggest your own questions for the future edits of this column in the comment section. See you soon!
P.S.: You can find the first article of this series about a life lesson by following this link.
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