Ostkaka goes to StarLadder LAN-final


Last Friday, our Hearthstone player Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall successfully finished his performance at the Last Chance tournament, organized by StarLadder. The participants, who had to leave the championship at its different stages, participated in the Last Chance tournament to test their luck and battle over the last slots to the LAN in Kyiv. Players' beginning position in the brackets was determined by the stage at which they left the performance at the championship. Sweden Ostkaka couldn't make it through the first group and had to fight through the brackets from the very beginning.


He had to win 4 matches to get to Kyiv. The first matchday brought pleasant surprise: Germany Lifecoach — his first rival — refused to participate in the championship. As a result our player began his performance from the second tour match against Korea, Republic of Surrender. This young talent from South Korea is one of the best players of the world and the best player of his region. The match had promised to be hard, but in reality Sweden Ostkaka achieved 3 victories and continued the fight over the slot in LAN.



The reigning Hearthstone champion United States Archon.Firebat was the second rival of Sebastian. The match was to be played on Thursday, but the American failed to connect to the European server. The organizers decided to hold the match on Friday.


At last, the battle began on 25 September at 18:00 CEST. Sweden Ostkaka had hard battle, which was expected in terms of the rival's title. It took 5 matches for them to decide who was better. Eventually famous Sebastian's handlock, which the fans should've seen in many matches, brought him to victory.



The last rival in the battle over the slot in LAN finals was the player of Russian Federation HellRaisers — Russian Federation Lostov. This player doesn't have many titles compared to the other Sebastian's opponents, but he managed to demonstrate great performance at StarLadder. He took third place in the last season, bringing much trouble to Ukraine Cloud9.Kolento.


The final match was exciting. Sweden Ostkaka had 3 decks: Patron Warrior, Handlock and Druid. Russian Federation Lostov's decks were alike, but he decided to use Paladin deck instead. The battle was very intense, the fifth match being decisive. That was the match of 2 Warlocks. The winner wasn't obvious until the last seconds, both players having even chances to win. One moment, though, Russian Federation Lostov refused to believe that Sweden Ostkaka had enough powers to end him. That was the mistake, which cost him trip to the capital city of Ukraine.


That was the successful end of the hard marathon, Sweden Ostkaka had to pass. The second winner of the Last Chance tournament is Ukraine Kolento. Thank you very much for your support of our player. Watch the stream of the LAN final or visit Kyiv to get the full experience.


Comment by Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall:


"It feels really good to qualify through such a tough bracket, Germany Lifecoach forfeited our match but still having to play against Korea, Republic of Surrender, United States Firebat and Russian Federation Lostov is not an easy task. The decks I brought for the tournament are arguably the 3 strongest decks in the Conquest Bo5 format at the moment; Patron Warrior, Handlock and Druid. Even though they might be overpowered they also hold a very high skill-cap, I talked to other players and they say one of the reasons I won is because I played the Handlock mirror match better than my opponents".


Sebastian's decks






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