HSWC: Ostkaka in semifinal!


The quaterfinal is over. Our player Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall competed with Taiwan Pingpingho — the representative of Taiwan Wayi Spider team. Sebastian was the favorite of the match, since he's got substantial experience of plays in both online mode and at LAN-tournaments. On the contrary his rival was first noted at the World Championship qualifiers this year.


Sweden Ostkaka played the decks of Warrior, Freeze Mage and Rogue. Taiwan Pingpingho picked Druid, Shaman and Hunter. In general the pick was more favourable for our player, which increased his chances to win. Still, in Hearthstone, one can win with any deck under certain circumstances, regardless the unfavourable match-up.


Sweden Ostkaka VS Taiwan Pingpingho

Sweden Ostkaka began match with his Warrior against the Durid of Taiwan Pingpingho. Our player was the leader in this battle and defeated his rival without problems.


Sweden Ostkaka VS Taiwan Pingpingho


The second matchup was Mage against Druid. The encounter was worrisome for Sweden Ostkaka, who couldn't clear the board with Doomsayer. Taiwan Pingpingho replied with Keeper of the Grove. Furthermore, Millhouse Manastorm (the best of possible) dropped from Shredder brought much trouble. Fortunately, Sebastian managed to get a couple of Fireball via Archmage Antonidas, which enabled him to accumulate direct damage and finish the rival.


Sweden Ostkaka VS Taiwan Pingpingho


The score was 2:0 and Sebastian needed one more victory to win the match. The third deck was Rogue, who encountered Hunter. The task seemed possible, though the deck of Taiwan Pingpingho was unusual. It contained 2 Fel Reavers, which were getting on Sweden Ostkaka's nerves and which he couldn't cope with. Eventually, the Taiwanese player got Doctor Boom in his hand, which decided the game, bringing the first and the last victory to Taiwan Pingpingho.


Sweden Ostkaka VS Taiwan Pingpingho


Next, Taiwan Pingpingho decided to choose his Shaman, which he hadn't used in the match before. Those of you, who followed his game, sould remember that this deck also had distinguishing features (e.g. Bloodlust, which is almost non used). Sweden Ostkaka's situation wasn't beneficial: he didn't have necessary cards. He had to play Sprint without Preparation. The ecounter laster too long: one moment Taiwan Pingpingho had only to wait for his turn and use Bloodlush. However, Sweden Ostkaka had two cards Fan of Knives, which enabled him to clear the desk and leave no chances to the rival.

Therefore, Sweden Sebastain "Ostkaka" Engwall got to semifinal of the World Championship and won $ 15 000. His next rival will be Netherlands G2.ThijsNL. The world's best player as per moment. The encounter will be really tense for both players.



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