Ostkaka is Hearthstone World Champion!


The Grand Final of Hearthstone World Championship is over! The player of our team Sweden Sebastian "Ostkaka" Engwall encountered the player of United States ROOT Gaming — Canada Hotform. After a very tense semifinal match Netherlands Thijs “ThijsNL” Molendijk, the viewers expected similarly thrilling confrontation of equals up to the last match in Grand Final. However, the match went in a completely different way. The Canadian player couldn't oppose Sebastian and lost three matches in the row. He might be too tired or anxious. Furthermore Sweden Ostkaka picked universal decks.


Photo from the website battle.net


This is it! Hearthstone World Championship is over we congratulate Sebastian on the main achievement in his eSports career. He'd undergone a long way to achieve this goal. Let's hope that this achievement won't be the last for Sweden Ostkaka and he'll achieve even more to much pleasure of the fans.



Prize pool

top 1 place Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka — $ 100 000

top 2 place Canada ROOT.Hotform  — $ 50 000

top 3top 4 places Netherlands G2.ThijsNL / Japan Kno  — $ 15 000 each

top 5-8 places Korea, Republic of d.Kranich / Taiwan WS.Pinpingho / China Celestial.DieMeng / China Celestial.Zoro — $ 7 500 each


Grand final
3 Netherlands G2.ThijsNL
2Netherlands ThijsNL
3Sweden Ostkaka
WinSweden Ostkaka
2 Korea, Republic of d.Kranich
3 Sweden Na`Vi.Ostkaka
3Sweden Ostkaka
1 Taiwan WS.Pinpingho
1 China Celestial.DieMeng
2Japan Kno
0Canada Hotform
3 Japan Kno
2 China Celestial.Zoro
3Canada Hotform
3 Canada ROOT.Hotform


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