Over 1,000,000 players online!


Yesterday, the number of Dota 2 players online peaked at 1,000,946, the highest record since March. In the past few years, the Dota 2 population steadily grew: we had 121,924 average players online in December 2012, 366,306 in Dec. 2013 and 523,940 in Dec. 2014. During the last year there has been a stalemate, probably caused by the big changes brought in by the latest patches, which have revolutionized the meta. Everyone will probably remember the “excessive” comeback mechanic introduced in v6.83, which allowed for huge gold swings and heavy punishments for the leading team, even after small mistakes. This system was branded as incorrect by many pro and casual players - IceFrog required different patches to find again the perfect balance.
Starting from the release of Dota 2 Reborn, the situation has improved and we moved from 508,156 average players in September to the current 563,024. With the release of 6.86 the influx of players is obviously increasing and, considering all the improvement brought by this version, we firmly believe that the future of Dota is looking brighter than ever!
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