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It has been almost half a month since Dota 2 Reborn was released. New engine allowed users to play custom games that many were missing. A lot of popular Warcraft III mods have already been transferred to, including Pudge WarsSkillshot WarsDota ImbaLegends of Dota, Life in Arena and so on. Some authors have even found a new inspiration and returned to redesign and develop their forgotten creations.


Valve themselves did not remain uninvolved and designed a first custom map called Overthrow. You must have already tried it out with friends and could duly appreciate it. For those, who haven’t played it yet, we offer a short review of the mode.

By the way, Ukraine Daniil “Dendi” Ishutin absolutely loves the map. He has spent several hours in it already with his friends and some of you may have watched it on stream.


That’s what Ukraine Dendi said about Overthrow:


"The best custom game EVER! If you didn’t play it – be sure to do so. The modes are cool and fun. And playing them with your friends is awesome" 




To play Overthrow you will need to install the mode. To do so, go to the Custom Games tab in the main menu and look for the game in the list. Then click on the game mode and press Install. After it’s done, you will be able to play it whenever you wish.


Before jumping into the Overthrow lobby, you need to choose a map. Here you can select from 3 different maps, each having its own terrain, number of players in teams and kill limit. 

Map options:

  • Forest. Solo map. 20 kills needed to win
  • Desert. Two players in a team. 25 kills needed to win
  • Mines. Three players in a team. 30 kills to win


If you are about to play Overthrow for the first time, we would recommend you start with Forest, since this is where most of the action is happening. Besides, you won’t have any troubles with teammates, because you won’t have any. First, you will need to select your hero.  



Picking process in Overthrow is no more different than in a regular pub game. The only thing is that you can’t pick any of these heroes: Lone Druid Lone Druid,  Bloodseeker Bloodseeker,  Meepo Meepo,  Pugna Pugna. In the community’s opinion these heroes were too overpowered for the map, thus they were banned. Apart from that, Dagon is also prohibited.


You should take picks seriously. Decent hero is half the victory. We would recommend taking a strong mass fight character, able to deal lots of magic damage and with low cooldowns on skills. A good choice would be Zeus Zeus, Leshrac Leshrac or other mages, while Lycan Lycan, Lifestealer Lifestealer or other melee carries would be close to useless.


After the picking stage the action begins. You will have a default starting gold, so you can buy some items. Be sure to buy Magic Wand and head straight to the circle in the middle of the map, cause this is where all the action will be. There will be a lot of pitting strength against one another, so Wand will be charging very fast and instant heal of 255 hp and mana wouldn’t go amiss. 


You might ask, why it is so important to take the centre of the map. Thing is, this is where the Midas Throne stands, which you can see on the picture below. Standing beside it will grant your hero a Golden Aura effect, giving you gold and exp for every second of the game. Thus, the sooner you get into the circle, the higher your chances are to win.



Moreover, there is also an “Over boss” in the centre, which randomly drops 300 gold around itself. You should get them faster than your enemies do. Usually, trying to get these gold coins almost always results in a fight.



Gold earned can be used in a usual way, which is to buy items, needed to get closer to the victory. Consider Black King BarBlade MaleGlimmer Cape, since these items are especially strong in Overthrow.

There is another feature on this mode, which helps you to get items. From time to time a courier flies out of the center and randomly drops a treasure chest at one of the special spots on the map.


A treasure will be dropped in the circle


Player, who gets first to the chest, receives an item. But don’t hope to get it without a fight, if of course you hero is not Storm Spirit Storm Spirit,  Naga Siren Naga Siren or Faceless Void Faceless Void. By the way, these drops follow a rule, which is that the closer a player is to the victory, the weaker item he would get, and vise-versa .


Runes on the Desert map


Overthrow has runes as well. They are exactly the same as in a regular game, only situated far from the middle of the map, therefore are actually doubtful. While HasteInvisible and Regeneration runes can be used to your advantage, other ones are truly insignificant. On some maps runes are protected by hostile zombies, which yield 20 to 35 gold for their death. Staying is the centre, though, yields much more than that.

Let’s conclude with some words about tactics on this map. Firstly, you should put some thoughts into your pick. Then go to the centre and get bonus gold and experience. Try not to engage in fights, especially in the Forest map. It is crucial that you land a killing blow (and forget about dignity and honour). Pay close attention to the kill counts. If someone is close to winning, you should focus that hero, especially considering that slaying a leader will get you 500 bonus gold. If possible, try to battle for items, who knows, maybe you can snatch something from under the enemy’s nose.

That’s it. Hope our short review will give some of you an impulse to try this new map out. Have fun and be victorious!   

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