ELEAGUE Major 2017: Overview


The last week witnessed our CS:GO team playing overseas at Fox Theatre in Atlanta, USA in the ELEAGUE Major 2017. The competition took place from the 22nd till the 29th of January with a 1 million USD prize pool. CISNatus Vincere G2A competed in a Swiss format against big names such as Germanymousesports, FranceTeam EnVyUs, BrazilSK Gaming and DenmarkAstralis.
Fox Theatre, Atlanta
The competition provided great matches and clutch plays and the fans witnessed great action with close matches, combined with a great talent roster to give voice and life to the casting of the matches. This competition was very important for our team, as it was the first one in 2017 after 2 months without fortunate results. Our first match of the competition was against Germanymousesport on de_cbble: the match was strongly in our favor with a much greater read of mousesports mouvements, better map control, and awesome play by each of the team members. 
Double kill from GuardiaN and s1mple on the retake and flaming hero defuse from seized - Courtesy of hltv.org
The first half of the map had our team on the CT side; our patience rewarded us with multiple round wins. Mousesports gave it their best, but the Born to Win kept coming on top of every fight, even though the clashes were close. Mousesports only won the 10 and 12th round and the first half ended with a score of 13-2 in our favor. After a strong first half, mousesports managed to win the first pistol round of the second half but then Natus Vincere G2A took 3 wins and we won the match 16 to 3.
After winning the first match, Natus Vincere had to face a team which also won their first game; the pick was FranceTeam EnVyUs who won earlier against United StatesTeam Liquid. The streak continued, as we won this battle as well, with the battle ground being de_cbble
s1mple and flamie holds the line - Courtesy of hltv.org
Team EnVyUs won the initial 2 rounds of the first half, but our team then successfully managed an 8 round win streak with zero mistakes, dropping one later, yet winning the last 4, managing to end the first half 12 to 3. The second half witnessed our team claiming 1 round and losing 3 from the first 4 rounds, bringing the score 13 to 6 and then winning 3 rounds in a row to close the match with a strong 16-6 score.
Our last match of the group stages was against a team with 2 wins too; the team was no other than BrazilSK Gaming, which won against InternationalHellRaisers and InternationalFaZe Clan earlier. This time the fans were treated to el clasico of the CS:GO on de_dust2. The two teams gave it their all, as a win in this match would secure direct pass to the playoffs
s1mple triple kill on the retake - Courtesy of hltv.org
On the first half our team was on the CT side and managed to bring the score to a 5-1 pretty fast, but then SK managed to win a couple of rounds themselves; our boys ended the first half 12-3. The second half saw our team winning 4 rounds in a row and ending the match completely one sided - 16 to 3.
Team M W L D S
  • CIS Natus Vincere
3 3 0 36 9
  • Denmark Astralis
5 3 2 16 9
  • International FaZe
5 3 2 12 9
  • Poland Virtus.pro
3 3 0 11 9
  • Kazakhstan Gambit
4 3 1 11 9
  • Sweden fnatic
4 3 1 7 9
  • Denmark North
5 3 2 2 9
  • Brazil SK
4 3 1 0 9
  • France EnVyUs
5 2 3 -3 6
  • United States Liquid
5 2 3 -7 6
  • Sweden GODSENT
5 2 3 -14 6
  • United States OptTic
4 1 3 -12 3
  • France G2
4 1 3 -14 3
  • Germany mousesports
4 1 3 -21 3
  • Ukraine FlipSid3
3 0 3 -12 0
  • International HellRaisers
3 0 3 -22 0


Our team now made it to the playoffs and had an extra day off to prepare for their next match, which was against DenmarkAstralis, who finished 6th in the group stages, and one of the favorites to win this competition. 
The first game was on de_overpass and our team started on the CT side, where Astralis secured the first 5 rounds win before our team could win one. After that the first half did not go well at all and ended with a 12-3 win for Astralis. After such an unfortunate result, our team tried their best to come back in the second half and managed to secure 4 rounds, but all Astralis needed was 4 wins to close the game 16 to 7.
seized quad kill hold - Courtesy of hltv.org
The second game was on de_mirage, were our team led 7-0 before Astralis took a round themselves, followed by two fast wins from our boys, bringing the score 9 to 1. Then a series of unfortunate events followed, and our team lost 5 rounds in a row, bringing the first half score 9 to 6. On the second half, our team was on the CT side and Astralis secured the first 3 rounds, leading to a tie. The opponent then brought the score to 14 to 10, and our team had to give it their all, winning 6 rounds in a row and taking the game 16 to 14 - a very close one.
s1mple denies the plant to gain map point - Courtesy of hltv.org
The 3rd and last game was on de_dust2, where our team was on the CT side for the first half. Astralis were leading 4 to 0 before our team won the next two rounds. A bit later the score became 6 to 3 in favor of Astralis, but determination allowed our boys to bring the score to a draw, and then finishing the first half in our favor 8-7. During the second half, we managed to win the first round and another one later, but 6 wins from Astralis were enough to secure them the game 16 to 10.
seized denies the plant with a 3k - Courtesy of hltv.org
The match was considered a true final and brought joy to every CS:GO fan as the games were really close and intense. Our team finished top 8, securing 35 000 USD in prize pool. CISNatus Vincere G2A are yet to be done and will show their potential in the competitions to come after successfully proving their Legend status
1CIS Natus Vincere
2Denmark Astralis
2Denmark Astralis
WinDenmark Astralis
2Denmark Astralis
2Sweden fnatic
0Sweden fnatic
1Kazakhstan Gambit
2Poland Virtus.pro
2Poland Virtus.pro
1Poland Virtus.pro
1Denmark North
1International FaZe
0Brazil SK Gaming
2Brazil SK Gaming


Final standings:

top 1 place -  Denmark Astralis - $ 500,000, "Legend" status* 

top 2 place - Poland Virtus.pro - $ 150,000, "Legend" status

top 3top 4 place - Brazil SK GamingSweden Fnatic - $ 70,000, "Legend" status 

top 5-8 place - CIS Natus Vincere, International FaZeDenmark North, Kazakhstan Gambit - $ 35,000, "Legend" status 

top 9-16 place - International HellRaisersUkraine FlipSid3Germany mousesportsFrance G2United States OptTicSweden GODSENTUnited States LiquidFrance EnVyUs - $ 8,750 

Legend* teams secure slot at the next major


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