Overwatch beta-test paused


Thursday, 10 December, at 18:00 CET, the access to Overwatch beta-testing will be closed and the game will be subject to revision with more improvements introduced basing on the feedback. The next stage of testing will begin next year.


Over 900 000 matches have been played since the beginning of beta-test. The developers have been collecting data on the servers' work, the matchmaking system, hero and map balance, reported bugs etc. A stress-test has been conducted, which enabled to find the lack of server power, since battle.net couldn't operate normally.


Since the data is now enough to comprehensively analyze the game, the developer team decided to make a break in the closed beta-test and work on the game. The break will last until mid-to-late January.


All the participants of closed beta-test will be able to continue playing after the termination of the break. A new portion of invites will be sent after the testing begins again. So if you still don't have Overwatch, there's a chance you'll get one in early 2016.



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#1 ee SilmiK 8 December 2015, 13:41
God damn it! I never even got the invite -.-
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