Overwatch update by Blizzard


In a new video uploaded by the Overwatch developers, Jeff Kaplan dwelled on what is going to be added to the game in the nearest future. He spoke about what they were working on before and why they decided to back out of some systems and modes they planned. You will also find out what will going to be added to the beta-version of the game that is expected to come out a bit later, in 2016.


Table of сontents:


1:00 - Info about the first progression system tested
1:41 - Why the first progression system failed
3:02 - Info about the second progression system
3:57 - Why the second progression system also failed
4:51 - Quick tease about cosmetic rewards in development
5:50 - Insight into about the progression system currently in development
8:22 - Recap of the goals of this video


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